The storm before the calm

The storm before the calm

Yes, my dedication to food motivates me to take up responsibilities that potentially exposes me to threats. Threat in this case- the dusty and bumpy roads of Dimapur. Responsibility? Fulfilling my yen for good food and ensuring that my system is never bereft of nutrients. So, this time around my motivation pushed me towards an eatery which is located along NH 29, Chümoukedima. It was actually based on a recommendation by one of my readers which prompted me to pay a visit to this place. This eatery was actually the old Foothill Hotel which has now been shifted to the check gate near Patkai. And I have no idea why the owner did not find it necessary to rename the new joint. Let’s leave that worry to whomsoever it may concern.

I’ll let you in on something. Since this visit was pre-planned (a day ahead), I did not eat anything at all the entire morning, readying myself with the hope of being treated to a gastronomic fest. Trust me folks, it took a lot out of me to actually fast for a few hours in anticipation for a lasting food experience. D-day arrives. I call a close friend, who also shares the same passion (maybe a bit more than I do) for food, to accompany me on this delightful little ‘foodjourn’.

After being tossed about for a good few kilometers, we finally arrived at our destination. We were greeted by the owner who instantly ushered us to the best table, right under the fan (hallelujah!). He probably noticed the pale hungry look written all over our faces, hence the added niceness. Grateful, nonetheless. A little side note- the owner of the establishment is a young lad who is very interactive with his customers and might I add, a very jolly fellow, always offering a genuine smile. Encouraging indeed, seeing our own people taking up professions based on their passion and not because of other obligations.

Anyway, moving on, once the food arrived, it basically became a movement of my hands towards my mouth (minus the chewing and swallowing of course) as I devoured every piece of item on my plate. The pork was the highlight. As always. The texture of it tasted like 50% fresh and 50% smoked which fit my taste buds to the T. Of course, there was also the usual assortment of chutney, vegetables and the faithful ol’ dal. I think the owner was in a generous mood that day. He offered, from his personal kitchen, pickles he had got from his trip to Shillong. Definitely scoring high on generosity this.

Folks, I was reeling from the effects of an empty stomach, almost on the brink of experiencing my first fainting spell. I was so hungry that I forgot my friend had come along. And let’s not even talk about table manners. I stuffed my face. I kid you not. I thoroughly enjoyed the meal and the hospitality was an added bonus. One thing though. I wish the menu had some sort of spicy chutney (Raja Mircha level spicy). That would have been the icing on my cake. Or maybe it’s just me and my penchant for raja mircha and not necessarily applicable to all food lovers.

I know for us folks who stay in the ‘town area’, the idea of going so far to eat might seem incongruous. But for someone like me who knows no distance when it comes to food, I will gladly undertake the journey again. And this emotion, I’m sure, resonates with a good number of people.

Oh by the way, thank you ‘reader’ for your wonderful recommendation. Perhaps next time I’ll return the favour by taking you to one of my favourite food joints.

Is there a place you would recommend me to visit and sate my taste buds? Please don’t be stingy and share the details with me. Drop in a line or two at