Thepflulhouvi Solo

One day a woodcutter went to his firewood reserve in the Forest to cut firewood. Sometime after, when the morning Sun was becoming hotter, one Wolf came in great haste and said to the Woodcutter:


“Sir, some hunters are after me, can you please show me a place where I can hide?”


The Woodcutter said:

“Low down there in the distance, on the other bank of the stream, at the edge my paddy field near the jungle, there are lots of hays inside in the field hut, you can hide there”.


The Wolf immediately ran down, wadded across the stream, jumped up the other bank and hid himself inside the hay in the corner of the dilapidated old hut.


Soon, some hunting dogs came running and barking and went down on the trail of the Wolf but lost the scent in the stream and came back to the place where the man was cutting his firewood.


Not long after, some hunters also came and enquired whether the woodcutter has seen any Wolf in the vicinity.
He said he has seen a Wolf running away in the jungle; and quietly pointed his finger in the direction of the hut beyond the stream.


However, the hunters rushed on their own Way.


After the hunters and their dogs left, the Wolf cautiously came out of the hut and walking away silently, he heard the


woodcutter mutter:

“Ungrateful brat; does not know how to thank even his benefactor!”


Therefore, the Wolf replied:

“Had it not been but for the foolishness of the Hunters, by this time, I would have been food of the dogs, torn to pieces inside the hut under the wisdom of your finger!”


“Keep well”, the Wolf said, and so said he silently walked away.


Foolish People may not understand what others teach them, they however can perceive the deeds of clever villains everywhere.