The Teacher Within Me

Aggrieved Teacher, NRMSATA 2016


“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” Malcom X.


The future of the Nagas rests upon the youths and children of today. Enlightened by these words of Malcom X, I set my only goal, to prepare the young for the future through education. All determination, focus and dedication was given to secure the top rank in my department in the exams conducted by the RMSA as it provided platform to fulfill my goal and with God’s grace I succeeded. With mounting challenges and struggles I dedicated myself completely to my service, posted at a very remote village with no proper transportation and basic sanitation, no allowances and benefits. Yet my dedication won over discouragements. Then came the challenge of survival, teaching without pay (untimely release of monthly salary) added by a shocker, „historic deduction of salaries.’ Now at the crossroad of survival and dedication, the government’s response only adds salt to the wounds. Nightmares and sleepless nights for insecurity and the students deprived of deserving education has immensely saddened me and all the aggrieved teachers alike, spending the day in prayer and defeat as the world honored and celebrated teachers day.


I the least of all dream to prepare the young for the daunting task ahead, and so do my colleagues who dream the same, to produce the best of our young, yet at the least we NEED to EAT to TEACH. Yet humility and selfless sacrifice wins over all forces, we go back to our schools and make our final sacrifice as we prepare our students for the upcoming board exams. This is not an acceptance of defeat, this is victory by humility. Hence I sincerely and in all humility request the Government to uphold the spirit of justice and equality. As the Government reviews the memorandum, we pray that the spirit of “change” as professed by our present Government be realized by your kind authority today. May God allow “change” to win over insecurities and people of Nagaland may no longer hope that “Change is Coming” but may proudly say “Change has Come.”