The unknown side of the police world

Bendangmerenla Walling

It could be a busy crowded street or a desolated alley, men in khakis are always seen and most of us these days instead of pondering upon their priority of safeguarding our lives and properties we pass quick judgments, there is a sense of distrust on the police in our society but, little to our knowledge we fail to realize that they are doing their best for us despite the fact that they lack resources unlike the other parts of the country.


“Why is that the good things that POLICEMEN do never come to light?”


I remember my teachers saying, “there is always some rotten potatoes among the students”, like wise there is no denying the fact that there are some in the police department as well, but do we really have to blame someone’s else fault against all the department who work tirelessly?


Little do we realize the sacrifices they make for us;


Being transferred to places away from their family.


Whether it be fire, flood, or mob they’re the one who has to be there, be it day or night,


When the situation is tensed, while everyone takes shelter inside their homes, they’re the ones protecting us from the frontline, they’ve their family and dear ones but they choose us over them.


They do so much for us but we let the bad outweigh the good.


They do make mistakes but we forget to realize that they’re also humans with flaws.


They lose their temper because they’re provoked and tired working in the conditions they’re in, our sate is lacking so much, they work making “adjustments”


Can’t we for once stop complaining about the “BAD” and ponder about the “GOOD”?


Co-operation and trust is what they need the most from the people, if we wish to see a change, we should stop complaining and start cooperating with them, after all there are also humans who needs support and appreciation for the work they do.


All I hope for a better functioning for them is the cooperation from the public and to provide them with all the necessary resources.


Now, let’s ponder; whose fault is it? Can we really put all the blame on them?


And if you are wondering why I’m writing in favor of them, well, I happened to be one of those person who went with the flow until I was given an opportunity to work with them as part of my internship. After being attached to the department for a period of 20 days I’m extremely proud of them because despite the situation they are really doing well.


Thank you Nagaland police for the wonderful journey.


The author is a student of M.SC Criminology and Criminal Justice. She was attached for a period of 20 days with the Nagaland Police as part of her internship.