‘The Warehouse- Igniting Soul of Worship’

‘The Warehouse- Igniting Soul of Worship’

Morung Express News
Dimapur | August 7


In recent times there has been a massive expansion in the area of Christian worship ministry in various church movements. Sensing the need to lead people called out to be in the worship ministry, Jack Pucho and Kevi Kiso founded The Warehouse- Worship Resource School Dimapur in early 2015.


With their motto stating, “Instead of an audience of thousands you now play for an audience of ONE,” Jack and Kevi states, “one of our main goals is to render the hearts to the soul of worship.”


“We exist to help realize the vision of helping others. The Church; We long to see passionate worshipers pursuing the presence of God, we exist to encourage renew and fan the flames of God’s gift in you, we Value musical creativity and excellence, we exist not only to be an echo but a Voice,” says The Warehouse founders.


It is a school that is tailored to develop worship programmes and to set aside a portion for one to grow in his/her craft, strengthen their walk with the Lord as a worship leader, worship pastor, songwriter, artist, technician or a musician. They specialise mainly in contemporary worship that is relevant and applied best in a church worship setting.


The school ran a 4-month course in March 2015 and will soon be starting the second batch this August.
Sharing his testimony, Toshisangba from the previous batch says, “From the course, I have learned how to serve God with your Heart and amplify God with your Art. This journey has not only been a learning time but a networking time, where I have made new friends and we were like family who helped each other in the walk with God.”


For Vir Rana, “this worship Resource school has really given an edge to his knowledge of Him (Heart) and a great understanding musically (Art).”


While recommending the School, Botoking Abraham says, “I strongly recommend it to any person who simply loves music and is interested in expanding one’s exposure to the technicalities of Church worship, desiring to go deeper in understanding the whole gamut of Worship both in songwriting and in worship leading.”


Jack and Kevi are both gifted with a rare combination of musical skills, worship leading through music and teaching methods. Warehouse has been recognised as the Northeast Hub from a World-renowned organization called Worship Central, UK by their coordinator for India Jied Syiem.


The School will integrate Worship Central programme into their course.