Kahuto Chishi Sumi
Akukau (G.B.) Hevishe Village
Khaghaboto Range, Dimapur


In my article,”Missing the Forest for the Trees”(Eastern Mirror 10-11-16), I pointed out how we Nagas were so engrossed in the symptoms of corruption like bad roads, irregular electricity, blocked drains etc (the trees of corruption) that we were missing the fact that Nagaland had become a forest of corruption. I did not feel that it was necessary to write on specific cases of corruption, such as backdoor appointments, taxation by the various “Freedom Fighting ” factions etc.; except in passing. For it is my belief that unless the Disease of Corruption is eradicated from the Naga psyche, different manifestations of the disease will keep cropping up; similar to a man plucking the budding leaves of a weed without uprooting it, a never ending exercise.But an appeal from Mr. K.T., (a Facebook friend, who wishes to remain anonymous) made me re-think my approach; maybe there are some symptoms of corruption you just cannot ignore. Then I realised the dangers of stifling the aspirations of the educated youth of any society.


The Naga Movement for Freedom was born out of a fear of the Nagas to an imposition of alien laws of an alien people. It was not a revolution in the strictly accepted sense of the word; rather a mass uprising, by the Nagas, against inclusion in the newly created Nation of India. A revolution, on the other hand, is a revolt against well established governments and institutions. The present day State of Nagaland can be considered as a well established government, and the day is fast arriving when Nagas will revolt against it.


No government in the world can claim to satisfy the needs and aspirations of all its citizens, but every existing government satisfies the needs of the majority of its citizens. It is when the dissatisfied form the majority, that the danger of revolution rears its ugly head. Nagaland is at the point where an overwhelming majority of the people are unhappy about the present state of affairs. Some gripe against bad roads, some against irregular supply of electricity; some groan under the burden of multiple taxation by our “brothers” in the various “underground” factions. Some bemoan being short-changed of essential supplies under the PDS, whereas others decry the gross inadequacies of the government educational system and overcharging of the private educational system. All these and many other complaints are slowly coalescing into one united thought; the thought that something must be done. The people only need direction and a spark and Nagaland will go up in flames.


This brings me to the issue of “backdoor” appointments. Humans are unique in that as long as we have “Hope”, we are able and willing to endure any and all forms of privations and trouble. Taking away a person’s hope, leaves him desperate; and desperate men commit desperate deeds. The vast majorityof educated Nagas hope to gain some governmental job or the other. This hope focuses all their mental, physical and financial capabilities into achieving this goal. And the dread of turning overaged before they can fulfil their aspirations looms over them. They must be given an equal opportunity to achieve their goal. For a person may resign himself to failure, if given a chance to compete; but a person who is denied the chance to compete will never forget.


The erstwhile Chairman of the Democratic Alliance of Nagaland and present Chief Minister of Nagaland, Dr. Surhozelie Liezietsu, in a note to the then Chief Minister of Nagaland, Mr. T.R. Zeliang, mentioned the danger of cancelling the illegal appointment of some 1000 government employees because it would lead to the alienation of those people and their families from the NPF Party. But I ask you,” What about the alienation and anger of the tens of thousands of aspirants and their families?” They do not seek guarantees to government jobs, unlike the well-to-do and well-connected, all they seek is an Equal Opportunity to compete for those jobs. Given this opportunity, I’m sure they’ll be contented to accept their lot, in the event of failure, but deprive them of this opportunity, and you leave a vast number of citizens and their families, simmering in anger.


There is a storm brewing over Nagaland, just waiting to break out. It just needs direction and a target. The Public Service Aspirants of Nagaland is comprised of what is, arguably, the best and brightest of Nagaland. God forbid that their hopes and aspiration should be stifled, for they could provide the spark that sets fire to Nagaland; for within them resides the seed of the future Nagaland, they have the power to turn Nagaland into an orderly, peaceful land, or provide us with a new breed of freedom fighters, fighters with real resolve and purpose, fighters against freedom from corruption, tribalism, nepotism and all the many ills that plague Nagaland. Fighters who will ensure that the corrupt and their children will not enjoy the fruits of their corruption. For there is no more dangerous animal in this world than an educated man with anger in his heart, fire in his soul and a target in his eyes.


I have always sought to bring attention to problems plaguing Nagaland so that those in power may resolve them before things come to a head. I plead with the people holding the reins of power to resolve this current imbroglio, so that the winds of change over Nagaland may come as a welcoming breeze of fresh air instead of a whirlwind of destruction that razes all in its path.