Therie call upon congressmen to create ‘new Nagaland’

Therie call upon congressmen to create ‘new Nagaland’
A section of the gathering attending the NPCC district tour programme held at Hopongkyu Memorial hall, Kiphire on September 25. (Morung Photo)


Morung Express News
Kiphire | September 25


NPCC, president, K. Therie while addressing the party men during the district tour at Hopongkyu Memorial hall, Kiphire today called to create ‘new Nagaland’ by voting Congress to power.


Alleging that NPF led DAN Government has ruined Nagaland the K. Therie said, “The present government is not interested in developing the State but interested in percentage and commission in all the developmental works.” He said, “This is the only government drawing money from Dimapur and Kohima, even if work does not happen on the ground” and asked the party men to “seriously think of what will happen to the future of the Nagas if this continues.”


Therie also said that the 15 years of NPF led DAN Government has not only failed to bring development of the State but also failed in Naga political problem as they are only asking for early solution without offering any agenda or suggestion for solution.


Questioning the present state government, President NPCC also asked, “who is responsible for leaving 2,500 crore deficit in the state?” and said, “even the national highway road you are travailing is placed under ‘C’ category which is should be ‘b’ category by now.”


While stating that BJP government should not come to power in the next election in the country, the president called upon the gathering to protect Nagaland and defend for its right by chasing our present government.


S.K James, Executive member, NPCC welcomed the gathering while Thritsali, president, NPCC chaired the programme.