Do you think ACAUT Nagaland can provide an alternative political party and contest in the elections? Why?

Do you think ACAUT Nagaland can provide an alternative political party and contest in the elections? Why?

Some of those who voted YES had this to say:

• Yes. If the Acaut leaders are prepared to abide by clean elections and not buy votes, then they should absolutely jump into electoral fray and given an alternative party to the Naga people.

• Unfortunately all the political parties in Nagaland irrespective of National and Regional despite their good policies and election manifestos for the welfare of state and its citizens their leaders are all being enveloped by the corruption system prevailing in the state since mid-seventies. Besides, there is hardly any political party in practical but candidate party that determines the fate of its citizens with money and muscle powers. And to eradicate corruption system, it requires strong political decision which can be made by fresh blood (younger generation) and new faces and therefore Acaut with committed leaders by conviction can and should provide an alternative political party and contest election.

• Yes. Please finally. We can fight the system from inside. Shouting from outside is like talking to a wall.

• Yes to Acaut party. Think corruption free think Acaut.

• It’s a thumping Yes. Unless Acaut enters electoral fray, Nagas should be prepared to elect the same politicians who will continue to water cannon us. Instead we should be asking what should be the appropriate name of the new political party?

• Yes. They should to be a moral compass, to be a better society we need Acaut.

• Yes. Acaut is the only answer to the misery of our Nagaland state affairs.

• Yes to Acaut governance.

• Yes. Anti corrupt party will govern without corruption.

• Yes, as the rest of the other existing political parties has failed Nagaland miserably, even to acknowledge that corruption exists. Acaut is the only hope and light for the people of Nagaland to lift them out of the Gutters of Corruptions.

• Yes. All Political Parties In Nagaland Have Always Looted, Acaut With Its Principled Stand Against Corruption Stands Out And Is The Best Possible Alternative.

• Yes, an alternative party, definitely!! Corruption can best be fought from inside the system.

• Yes, we need to get rid of the plague that’s facing our society. Acaut is the only answer.

• Yes and yes. We need to root out corruption and only Acaut can take it a higher notch. We all need to support this.

• Yes to Acaut. Corruption equals potholes, load shedding, water problems, no ration, no nrega, no everything! If we want these problems gone then support Acaut as a political group.

• Yes. Acaut Nagaland can provide an alternative political party and contest in the elections because present government they are corrupted and there is no change so I should say Acaut can change Nagaland in a better way.

• Yes, if they maintain the same spirit as now and don’t change with time

• Yes if ACAUT wants to fight election .it would be repeating the AAP like situation in Delhi assembly

• No harm if ACAUT members join active politics; let them put into action what they profess …. But ACAUT should remain ACAUT and not a political party.

• Yes the only hope for the Nagas lies with ACAUT

• Yes. ACAUT can and should definitely participate in elections as an alternative political party to provide solutions to the endemic governance vacuum created by the present crop of politicians. Activism-politics can be a powerful alternative, especially in a corruption ridden state like Nagaland. It has potential to help built a political system, where elected governments has a high regard for ethical standards as it executes it policies and agenda for the common man. Only caveat is that any political party participating in electoral politics runs the risk of diluting its moral principles due to established systemic constraints. Nagaland is still largely a primitive tribal society, where politics is an inter-tribal competitive affair, in which, unfortunately, one’s tribal interest’s trumps any moral principles, democratic ideals or economic imperatives. It is characterised by a unique political arrangement where tribal pressure groups dictate government actions, severely jeopardising all policies and goals of a government. Nagaland’s economic system is also maximally dependent on government activities and since the system is already monopolised by private individuals and tribal groups, it is frequently tweaked to suit private interests and to fuel internecine inter-tribal competitions, sabotaging any attempt of taking Nagaland towards development. Politicians also tend to dole out government’s largesse preferentially to the tribe he belongs to, further limiting space for good governance and developmental activities to take place. Given such social and political constraints, it is doubtful, if any political party can transcend narrow sectarian interests and temptations for personal aggrandisement and deliver politics that is honest, efficient, and strategic in outlook; one which is beneficial for the common man. As present, Government is largely controlled by kleptomaniacs & plutocrats (contractors, corrupted and rich government officials and big businesses), those at top of the income scale, dictating how the government’s pie is to be distributed. Government is also held hostage by influential but corrupted local leaders, who are ever ready to betray their own people for personal aggrandisement. The larger population below, the common men, are virtually powerless and their voices and aspirations trampled upon with impunity. Policy is hardly influenced by public welfare or interests any more. A functioning democracy require a socially & politically conscious populace who are aware of their rights and responsibilities. A vibrant democracy need citizens with highly developed moral sensibilities, those that harbour extreme aversion to all unjust government actions, to enter active politics and rid the present system of it destructive elements. ACAUT can be the moral voice. ACAUT can fill the leadership gap and make politics not a refuge of scoundrels but a sanctum sanctorum for people with integrity and aptitude for social service.

• Ofcourse! And why not? Because, in the long run, acaut is just another political party and another acaut-like vigilant group shall rise and immediately MEx shall provide the same terrible suggestion.

• Yes. If the citizen unites for a clean election and honest younger people takes over.


Some of those who voted NO had this to say:

• No. ACAUT itself is not politically free in the first place. Members are seen allegiance to a political party. Lack of HONEST LEADERSHIP to look-up. Some members are proxy to some political leaders and the truth will come out sooner or later.

• No. All organisations necessarily does not have to end up fighting the elections. ACAUT is playing a beneficial role as it is now.

• No. Lest it get itself embroiled in further corruption which it professes to stand against. They should rather fight for a change of the system. Otherwise it will remain “a holier than thou” organization just for namesake.

• ACAUT must not become a political party. It should continue to be one with the common people. Let us be pragmatic. ACAUT cannot be as active or as effective as it is today once it becomes a political party. With all the party meetings, engagements and appointments, dealing with political pressures from other parties, it will lose sight of its noble objectives. ACAUT cannot form a majority government by winning a few seats. In that case their voices will fell on deaf ears. It is better for ACAUT to work hand in hand with the masses.

• No. Better to stay away from politics

• I don’t agree to ACAUT forming any political party for now they should remain as it is “a Pressure Group” and through this way they will always be the people’s movement. But again there is no denying that there are Some tall leaders in ACAUT who should start contesting elections by 2018 for the people of Nagaland. Our land needs Revival.

• We need new leaders. but for that, acaut is not the answer. they shod not get involved in politics.

• No, this might be a bad idea… if ACAUT stand off Politics it can be the only way to at least combat to some extend the corruption in not so extreme.

• The day ACAUT becomes a political party, it will become FCAUT (F=For). Let ACAUT be ACAUT. Let us learn from AAP.

• NO. It is too premature for ACAUT to join the mainstream politics or at least not until the era of present corrupt leaders dies out naturally. Although We all desire a Progressive and Vibrant Nagaland free from injustice, the devil’s temple has become too huge to bring down very soon here. The concept of AAP in Delhi will never materialise in our State where corruption and malpractices have already found a comfortable space in our society. ACAUT should continue their fight as a Peoples’ Movement until a right moment comes.

• They can but they shouldn’t. Its better they remain people’s movement, individually if needed public can set them up as their candidate but they shouldn’t drag in the name of ACAUT.. Just my thoughts

• ACAUT should not involve in forming political party. Political party and mass movement are two very different entity and mass movement supersedes political party in reforming a society. I would like ACAUT to remain a mass movement.

• No. ACAUT should not join politics as ACAUT but prepare intending candidates who will uphold the principles of clean Nagaland.

• No. Some where or the other, some member or the other will be carried away in lust for money, nepotism and compromises especially in the setting of naga political power balance between different govt. and non govt. Org Better they continue to fight for the rights of people as it is now with high moral, head held high

• ACUAT should not become a political party. It should remain the same and continue the good fight.

• No!!!! ACUAT can encourage capable candidates. Its peoples movement and ACUAT itself is not political party….. Let Acuat be guardian to underprivileged, voiceless and downtrodden for decades!!!! not another mere regional political party like NPF!!!

• Is politics the only way to solve the corruptions of naga’s. I say NO so be revolutionaries be an ACAUT

• My Suggestion, ACAUT please don’t pollute yourself in with Politics!!!! Be the way it is or all Your Credibility and Respect …… Gone…….


Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say:

• Its better they stick to their principle as a movement or else whatever majority of people are predicting may come true. Many of us say against ACUAT behind their back but none dare to say on their face nor correct them their wrongs. We nagas are way too good wearing masks hence we cannot displease others esp those in power /limelight. So many of us are being overly diplomatic /hypocrites too. Whatever ACUAT is fighting for is for good but still we all have a second thoughts and many raised their eyebrows too coz none of the issues get results. Whatever happened cannot be undone but I believe that from now onwards if each one of us retrospect ourselves and correct our wrongs than so many good things will happen and good movements /organisations will also grow stronger. With the epic PDS peaceful rally nightmare experiences hope we all Nagas unite for good cause.

• ACAUT is not a political party.

• It’s not till now..but it has been the objective right from the start..the very reason I don’t necessarily subscribe to ACAUT..

• It will become political party in near future. Right from beginning it’s what they are like AAP in Delhi

• Acaut should stick to wat it is now..

• If they jump into politics, that would be sad. Do some good, earn a good name, popularity and people’s support and then jumps into politics and the movement against corruption and unabated taxation dies. I don’t know if that is a good strategy but this is a democratic country.

• As of now they should be what they are, yet I am optimistic one day they should be there in the decision making body to lead and to guide n fight for the common man because at the present level of fight, they can do only little. When people are in position n power they have the best chance to do of what they want to do (especially here in nagaland). Long live ACAUT

• Assembly constituency election are dirty, money plays a big part and the MLAs and Parl. Secy has towering influence. In my opinion, Khekiye Sema should fight in Lok Sabha election where he will have a good chance of winning by getting votes from all over the state and not confining to a particular A/c.

• ACAUT spearheads joining politics will bring forth accusations of the kind that are directed at NSF and other student leaders. I believe ACAUT core members has some understanding amongst themselves regarding this matter.

• WATER have its own properties to fight against FIRE.. like wise ACAUT should be ACAUT with their own motto and propaganda to fight and support the people of nagaland against all corruptions.

• Question is not relevant..

• ACAUT is apolitical and let it remain so..

• We perhaps can’t have a political party going for election on the basis of ‘unabated taxation’ alone. It has been an initiator for reforms in our society and those who have been motivated by the movement should in due time take on the next step.

• At first I thought ACAUT should really kick the ass of corrupted people and the system as watchdog. Over the years, I feel pity on ACAUT .Unless one enters the system, the system cannot be changed just like that. Wish we have them everywhere, be it politics, judiciary or executive. ACAUT should be everywhere. With greater power will come greater responsibility and wish they have more power to shoulder more responsibilities. Otherwise, the pocha bura bura corrupted ones only will get elected and come in power over and over again unless they have good candidates to beat them down.

• Once ACAUT enter into politics definitely it will lose its objectives

• Let ACAUT remain a people’s centred organisation. Allow them to serve the need, not the greed. Let social issues be given to social workers/activists to bring about desirable changes. Enable ACAUT so as to enable VOICELESS TOOTHLESS NAGAS through social action and not by political gimmicks.

• Because the naga public still votes on the basis of village and clan, not issues.

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