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Do you think that reservation for women in local urban bodies will affect Naga customary practices?


Some of those who voted YES had this to say: 

• It will … but for the better
• Yes because reservation against will of people is unlawful.



Some of those who voted NO had this to say: 

• No. System of municipalities in towns is very different from village governing system. So the question of customary laws doesn’t cover the municipalities, unlike at the village level.

• No. we nagas take all man and women equally

• No, never. They have their own rights to demand their reservation in local urban bodies and hope it will bring some positive changes in present society. SO being an advance people and society, we must change our inclusive mindset and go forward for equality and according to me its not the time for us to talk about the customary practices. But we should look beyond this practice, which will bring a total positive impact in our present corrupted set up, socially, economically, politically and religiously. So its my hope and dreams that giving the reservation for women in our local urban bodies will make a difference for the good of our Naga people.

• Not at all. If reservation is against article 371a, Nagas should first do away with the ST quota that we are enjoying. Some men in position are so insecure of their position that they bring in the non relevant 371a to secure their fishing ponds. It’s time to weed out those regressive and rustic so called leaders.

• No. Reservation has to do with representation and governance, which has nothing to do with customary practices. People who are opposed to reservation will keep harping that women reservation will affect Naga customary practices. This is misleading and very wrong.

• No. I don’t think this will affect the Nagas customary law

• NO, women reservation will not affect customary practices nor will it touch Article 371 (A). The unfounded fear of tribal institutions reveal that they do not have the legal understanding of Article 371 (A). Little knowledge is dangerous.

• Some village have women vdb Secy and the life just go on as usual….. No hassle tussle in old customary law

• No. Advancement in science and technology, human resource development and empowerment of women cannot effect Naga customary practices. The threat lies in the wilful disregard for customary practices by the Nagas themselves.

• No way. Ours is the most resilient of customs and heritage. Despite occupation, division and conversion our Naganess still remains strong. I really think that the participation of women in decision making will strengthen our sense of Naganess and customs. But thats just my view

• NO. The contention that reservation of women in local urban bodies will affect the foundation of Naga cultural practices is an intellectually dishonest position to hold. It is based on two unfounded premise, that is neither based on fact or reason.

1. That Naga Culture is inherently ‘inviolable’.
2. That Tradition is a standard of value

That Naga Culture is inherently ‘inviolable’: No culture in modern times can exist in isolation. A culture should be dynamic and evolve with time as it interacts with other culture(s). In fact ‘violability’ should be the rule and a culture should grow by imbibing enabling values from outside, while it discards its own destructive beliefs and practices. That Naga culture is inviolable is based on an unfounded idea that old and ancient is good and has utility. But old is not necessarily golden. For example: there is nothing gloriously noble or moral about head-hunting. Also, most tribal taboos and beliefs grew out of ignorance about reality and appear as nothing but superstition. And a culture that does not recognise women’s rights as human rights and disregard women’s values and aspirations is certainly not deserving of any degree of reverence. A culture is only good as long as it creates a conducive environment for all individual members to realize their potentialities. That can only be achieved when a culture is open to criticism or scrutiny of its beliefs, practices, values and institutions. To take tradition as a standard of value, is an irrational stance. Tradition means stagnation. A society that keeps stagnation as a benchmark is bound to disintegrate into decrepitude and decay. A tradition loses vibrancy when it is a closed system. Only when it is open to enabling influences from without will it be able to harness strength to confront destructive forces inside and construct institutions and means to foster human flourishing. Affirmative Action to encourage women participation in public life may have a doubtful empirical or ethical foundation but violation of traditional cultural practices is NOT one of them.

Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say: 

• If some of the customary practice are deterrent for the Naga people (men and WOMEN) to grow..to develop..to empower.. perhaps it is time to change! Didn’t we give up headhunting? Didn’t we adopt Christianity? Aren’t we wearing clothes? Didn’t we change to progress? Development needs women! Period!

• Wrong question. It will affect Article 371(A), the only safety valve achieved by blood sacrifice. The wiser approach is to squash the 33% reservation and formulate our own localized reservation encompassing both rural and urban bodies.

• Any legitimate practice must be tested and validated. We have a way that is unique. If eventually this addition….ie women empowerment in practice is not a discovery. In most cases it has become necessitated by circumstances of activism issues of modern times. Menfolk can continue to perceive an illusion of know all about and defend all ….. Heed the call. …. For the times are a’ changing (Bob Dylan) Women do have a place in this world ….this realisation must top any other consideration. Not Utopia proposed by our Menfolk……. The road to hell is definitely paved with lovely intentions….

• Naga customary practice as a perfected form of art universally declared and accepted as the norm world over will definitely be impacted terribly … If some deficiency does exist the solution are……I cannot see any!!

• Actually women can compete with menfolk in every field/level. So this reservation dont need, it only create more division in the society

• in Naga society I think women are doing much better in terms of education n church participation 🙂 but perhaps platform has not being given enough to participate in politics. hopefully this will pave the way…

• In everything we do there’s affects …….and we nagas witnessed the 33% woman’s reservations affecting the naga society before its implementations!!!!! When naga womenfolks can shake the entire society fighting for 33% reservations and still proudly declares that we naga women’s are no less we naga women’s are equals to menfolk’s than there are so many unforeseen things coming along with the movers & shakers. Even without the 33% reservations also naga society is messed up the practice of matriarchal customs ……..I hope we womenfolks don’t take undue advantage of the 33% reservations. Bdw 33% reservations proves that we womenfolks are no equals to menfolk’s when God made every gender /humans EQUALS IN HIS OWN IMAGE.

• I don’t know… Only time will tell

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