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Do you think there should be simultaneous elections for the state assemblies and the parliament? Why?


Some of those who voted YES had this to say:

• Yes, this will be good. In our state we hardly care about parliamentary elections and this is not good. Also we have seen that the parliamentary seat is reserved for the ruling government and this is not fair. So i think it will be more fair if the elections are held simultaneously.

• Yes because it will lessen time consumption, commotion and it will lessen wine supply, will reduce rate of fighting, less disturb the public, election duties of the employee and security will be lessen and so on

• Yes. That will save exchequers money as two time expenditure paid to personnel, stationeries and others will be done away by just doing once. It will save also time for governance as the government becomes a lame dak govt on introduction of the model code of conduct.

• Yes because we need the better leader

• Yes, will curb idiot promises

• Yes. to get absolute majority government

• Yes. I think simultaneous elections is the right way to go about it. This should reduce the role of the state government in interfering and influencing the parliamentary elections.



Some of those who voted NO had this to say:

• No. Such a move will ensure the dominance of the national parties over the regional parties. A disproportionate media coverage on the agendas of the national parties will facilitate these national parties to hold sway on the opinions of the public and thereby enable them to dominate both the parliament as well as the state assemblies elections. Such a move has the potential to kick the regional parties out of existence and therefore, it will not be a healthy option to exercise.

• No we are not ready to have this kind of election process in our state. We are already in so much confusion that introducing this system will only make it worse.

• No, we are not ready for such a big move.



Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say:

• Well, the idea of “simultaneous elections” sounds good but I am not convinced yet as to how that’s practicable with the present system of polity. If India wants to give it a try then i think it has to terminate the life of some of the state assemblies’ before their normal term ends. Same thing will happen in every subsequent elections. Why? Because Lok Sabha may dissolve prematurely but not all the state Legislative Assemblies will. Similarly, one or two States may dissolve prematurely owing to loss of confidence or by imposition of Art.356 but not the Lok Sabha and other Legislative Assemblies. That being said, the ideas of Simultaneous Elections, Saving Money, Uniform Civil Code & National Language apparently have more buyers today than Federalism, Pluralism and Secularism upon which the idea of INDIA is built.

• Need a Change

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