Do you think it is time for Nagaland government to revise the Inner Line system to meet present day migration concerns and challenges in Nagaland? Why?

Do you think it is time for Nagaland government to revise the Inner Line system to meet present day migration concerns and challenges in Nagaland? Why?

Some of those who voted YES had this to say: 

  • Yes, its high time! Government should not only revise ILP system but set up illegal immigrant tribunal in Home Department with NGOs as members and question all the doubtful non-Nagas citizenship. There is also an urgent need to bring out the statistical data of all the Permanent Residents non-Nagas. Issuing of ILP should be computerized with biometric and if any ILP holder cease to renew, the guarantor should be questioned because many illegal immigrants become relative of their guarantors and stop renewing their license and ultimately become Naga.
  • Very high time. There’s no need to explain WHY, we all know it.
  • Yes, before it’s too late.
  • Yes. It’s better to initiate preventive measures before it’s too late. Otherwise a small our state will be flooded with immigrants usurping what little resources we have.
  • The inner line permit should cover all areas of Nagaland state including Dimapur, Niuland etc and should be properly enforced. This should have been done long ago.
  • Yes, it should cover the whole of Nagaland including Dimapur. There should be special police to deal with ILP. As the all illegal migrants coming in are due to corruption in the police.
  • Yes. In the simplest way, as an Indian  I cannot just go to China and claim I am Chinese. I need proper document to claim my nationality.
  • Yes, the system has many loopholes. Here in Dimapur, thousands of outsiders are coming in and surreptitiously growing  in numbers.
  • Yes. Because more and more outsiders are going to enter Nagaland. Entry to Dimapur should be restricted immediately. And without proper permits, even those who have come earlier should be deported.
  • Yes. I’m baffled by the stoic silence of the political parties in Nagaland. This is indeed worrisome to the Naga populace where non-local people are settling in Nagaland at unprecedented scale since the relaxing of ILP in Dimapur. Crime against the Naga people by “illegal immigrants from Bangladesh” who have settled in Assam should be dealt with iron fist by Naga people. Political parties should realise that by being a silent spectator on such crime against the Naga people will be a mistake to overlook at this juncture. It is time to march ahead with unity to dealt the problems of influx of illegal immigrants.
  • Yes. The illegal immigrants pose serious threat to our culture, economy and politic. In the long run, indigenous people of Nagaland will be endangered.
  • Yes. It is becoming a threat to the Nagas. Stringent rules are needed.
  • Yes. Everything is wrong with our government in all aspects, and its becoming really worrisome.  The question is not why we need to revise the system,  but why is the government not revising it?  The ILP issue has been genuinely raised by all concerned organisations and individuals,  and it has been gathering steam over the past years where we are now slowly seeing its ill effects in our society.  Yet the manner in which government is responding is appalling and unacceptable.  Appeasement and vote-bank politics cannot be accepted anymore as tolerance policies. Yes,  there are other stakeholders besides the government but it is the government who has to first come down hard on this with a strong policy. Why is it so difficult for our government to be resolute? Or is the effect of erstwhile backdoor appointment rearing its head now through incompetent imbeciles heading the departments?


Some of those who voted NO had this to say:

  • No. ILP is a failure.The government must give powers to the tribal hohos so that they adopt some stringent measures immediately.
  • No. Revising the ILP Act will not help. The State government need to introduce a new act. Till today, we keep using the term illegal immigrant in a loose manner and this is not right. There has to be a clear definition of who is an illegal immigrant. Nagaland needs a new immigration policy. ILP is only for Indian citizens coming from other states. Immigration is for those coming from a foreign country like Bangladesh and Nepal. Our state is mainly concerned about immigrants from Bangladesh without proper official documents. ILP cannot solve this problem. An immigration policy is required to tackle such issues.
  • No. The ILP is outdated and the government is least bothered about the illegal immigration issue. Each village should take upon itself to tackle illegal immigration at their own local level. This will be most effective. In places like Dimapur, the colony Goan Boras can handle it.
  • When our own Nagas are not doing manual labor and other work that is needed in an economy, how can we expect to stop illegal immigrants. We must realize that illegal immigrants are there because there is work opportunity for them. Why don’t we learn from Mizoram- they work and do all the odd jobs and there is no room for illegal immigrants to come into their state. Just shouting and protesting will never stop illegal immigrants. The best way to end illegal immigrants from coming to Nagaland is that Nagas themselves should work and contribute to the economy. This is our best defence.


Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say: 

  • The menace has reached its zenith. It has gone beyond control. But it is never too late to put things in place.
  • The question is why there are lakhs of IBIs in Nagaland when ILP is already in place? Who is to blame- The Nagaland Government or Nagaland Government Servants or Naga Public or Naga Public Leaders?