A thought on the ‘Rebuttal to PSAN’s Representation to Chief Secretary to revamp NPSC examination’

Sobu Khezhie
D. Khel, Kohima Village

The article “Rebuttal to PSAN’s Representation to Chief Secretary to revamp NPSC examination” written by a so called group of NPSC aspirants contains not even an iota of substantive statement. Even from the very fact they requested the Government to increase the present viva voce marks from 75 to 100 marks so that it becomes a “fair level playing game,” clearly shows the intention in which this article was written. Now I am very curious to know how that will become a fair level playing game.


They are not wrong to state that the personality test round should not be a disadvantage to any aspirant. Then, is this not contradictory to their own article when the very fact that interview marks became the basis of determining the ranking of the aspirants, undermining the marks scored in the mains.


Furthermore, they go on to state that anywhere from 0-75 is a fair grading. I cannot even begin to comprehend that. Out of thousands of aspirants, a few are finally selected for interview after successfully completing stages of prelims and Mains exams. Then how on earth is 0 a fair grading??????? One should know that aspirants facing the interview are at a very competitive stage as they are more or less as capable and competent. Then grading a 0 is fair????


Has PSAN’s right to dissent infringed the rights of any aspirant, forget about the majority. If so, I urge such aspirant (Martin, Ben, Asen, Albert, Boloka, Moa, Rali, Nchumthung, Amroe, Chuba, Mary, Senlo, Michael) to have an open discussion with PSAN.


It is true that we should embrace our own failures and work on our shortcomings. That should be the attitude of every aspirant. But not standing up for the truth is unbecoming of an aspirant who aspires to serve his/her people someday.


There will always be people who have problems with the effort you make no matter what you do. You just cannot please them. But in the end, truth will always triumph and empty vessels will always, always make noise.