‘Time for Nagas to build bridges’

‘Time for Nagas  to build bridges’

DIMAPUR, OCTOBER 3 (MExN): NSCN (IM) Kilo Kilonser, Rh Raising today stated that the “era of the Nagas has begun,” and claimed that “no power however big and strong can stop the Nagas from reaching their destination.”


“The era of the British has gone never to come back. The era of occupation of Nagalim by India and Burma has to be ended to give way to the era of the Nagas,” he stated while addressing an interactive meeting with civil society organizations at Diphupar Village council hall on September 3.


The Nagas, he said, “will be blessed in the east, in the west, in the north and south and everywhere. They will be successful in all fields and in whatever they do.”


He urged the Naga people to “start building the nation, building the damaged psychology of our people, broken relations with our neighboring people and nations through dialogue is a social necessity,” and asserted that building the war-torn relation between India and the Nagas is “indispensable.” On top of that building our relation with God is imperative and paramount, he added.


He stated the time has come for reconciliation, not fighting.  “This is the time of building bridge, not wall; this is the time of negotiation, not confrontation; this is the time of cooperation, not opposition; this is the time of reunion, not separation; this is the time of building relations, not destruction of relations and this is the time of embracing, not parting,” he said.

Raising said that to develop the land of the Nagas and move forward would require building up human resources. “And that we need to establish science and technological and other schools, colleges and universities, medical colleges and universities, sports universities, religious universities, cultural institutions so that we grow physically, mentally and spiritually to become a creative people and community,” he added.


“To become a creative people, we must learn to live by the principle of self-reliance so that we produce our own bread and honey. We will be identified with what we create. What we have invented or created is our identity. We will rebuild everything destroyed by war. We do not have an identity until and unless we produce something made in Nagalim,” the NSCN (IM) Kilo Kilonser said.


He further stated that the Framework Agreement is based on the uniqueness of Naga history, “which means Nagas have never been a party to the Union of India or that of Burma.” The Government of India has, for the first time, recognized the sovereignty of the Nagas. The Naga people are now a recognized entity, he stated, however adding that “for the sake of security, social and commercial interests, the two people will share sovereign power and coexist as two entities.”


Raising then pointed out that the Government of India has also recognized that land and its resources including minerals belong to the Nagas. “Nagas are the owner of their land and everything in it. The Nagas and India are entering into a new relationship based on the ‘Framework Agreement,’” he revealed .


Raising had earlier stated that to build a sovereign state, “we need millions of people, thousands of villages, tribes and communities. We need land and ocean, hills and valleys, rivers and forests, stones and irons, gas and oil and animals and birds. We need academic institutions and churches, swords and pens, organizations and governments.”