TNB reporters on the condition of road/drainage/bridge conditions in Nagaland this monsoon

Visietsolie Vupru: This very "Make in Nagaland" disaster is a glaring symbol of the incompetency of those in authority at that point of time. It’s a shame that the government had to cut a road that it cannot restore just to clear a clogged drain. It’s like burning the house down to kill a rat. It’s no wonder that our land lies in shambles because we have morons at the helm of affairs.  

Sophy Lasuh Kesiezie: But then, we got to ask “why was the hume pipe clogged?” It is not the government’s duty to clean up your dustbin. When you can’t even take the trouble to throw your house waste to the allocated KMC disposal points, how can you expect the government to clean up a drain clogged by wastes that you have been dumping for years and years? Project 72 cleared all the wastes just a month ago, the next day itself we saw plastics and garbage floating around already. Sure, we have many other areas to blame the government for but this is not one. Certainly and surely, this disaster is our own undoing!!!  

Munguli Thonger: No need to keep blaming government. Government is us. Government is there by us, we elect them. We sell our vote and leaders are busy recovering that money that they gave us, which otherwise would be used for developing infrastructure. Today in our Nagaland we have thousands of SUVs but without a single lane of smooth road. We need to campaign and educate people to vote the honest and capable leaders. Unfortunately many of us succumb to money, tribalism, family when an opportunity comes to us to choose the right person for better Nagaland.  

Ako Aom: "Minister's Hill River" which was a beautiful Road... Well why repair while public don't use it right? The problem starts with the side 'Nala' which is blocked by hundreds of personal water pipes and so the water which is supposed to flow through it instead flows out on the I guess both government and public share the blame equally. Can we (public) make our demands for repairs/improvements? Or have we already made our demands few months back?  

Yanpvuo Yanfo Kikon: The condition of roads is the best reflection and indicator of the kind of elders and leaders in that area. Only God knows whether the mind of the concerned elders & leaders in the area are working properly or their brains have also become like this road. We blame the government but unless the concerned elders and leaders of the area take the effort to push the department and government nothing will happen. Youths must shamelessly point out to their leaders starting from your colony Whatsapp groups (We do the same in ours where all our goanburas, council, panchayat members are there where majority are all hopeless forward messages and only few people discuss serious issues) WITHOUT PRESSURE NOTHING WILL HAPPEN. We must demand because all car owners pay huge amounts Rs. 20,000 to 70-80k as road tax. If the tax you are paying for your roads is not utilized for the purpose then you have every right to demand. In our colony FIR was filed against previous contractor. Now come & drive in Officers Hill Ladies Mile road, you will experience the best blacktopped road which has withstood the rainy season for the first time in my 30+ years living here!  

Sivi Terhujah: The clogged drain which runs from the popular bakery through the Christian English school to Khermahal under Hussain road wreaked havoc in last year's July flood damaging retaining walls of private houses, but remains clogged to the brim even today. This was brought to the notice of the then Dimapur DC and the DMC in August 2017. Since the problem has not been addressed till today, the pictures tell the misery of the people. Will the concerned authority mitigate the sufferings of these denizens??? Or do they have to wait till thy kingdom come???