To the Ministers & MLAs of Nagaland

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Hanso Chang: Respected Sirs, I would like to ink down few words for your information and necessary action please. That sirs, being a mere public my knowledge of understanding is limited. But still then I want to share a few words which I find very genuine and I’m sure you won’t even bother to listen but here it goes.


Do you remember the promises that you made during the last general election? Was it simply a kind of mock drill to know whether you are a good orator, I wonder. Now you are a gentleman with all those suit-boot, vehicle body guard. Wow! Now that you are living a luxurious life. Villagers and mere guy like me seems to be of less important to you naki. See, I’m not against how you live or what you eat and shit. I’m not against your comfy life. But I’m against your words and those moral grounds that you have lost.


People elected you not because they don’t have anything to eat but because they want their place, district, village to be well developed. Tell me can you take away the wealth that you have after your death?? You are as poor as a beggar after your death.


It is this pathetic people that’ll bury you and pray for your soul to RIP. So, if you think that you are son of a human being kindly note. That you are an elected representative of the people, by the people, and you are for the people. I know your relatives, I know your ancestor, you struggled worse than us. I have your bio-data converted into a disk. Your dream of becoming a MLA was totally out of question had we not voted you to power. In my eye you still have the same status like before.


Secondly, That Sirs, in the name of FREEDOM, INDEPENDENCE, SOVEREIGN-REPUBLIC how many times you’ll lie and cheat the common man. Your political ideology is one of the worse ideologies I have ever seen. It is not even in the list of ideologies. But, Sirs I really appreciate the speeches that you give in some gathering yet “You should teach what you practise” didn’t your teacher tell you that. Oh! Sorry! I forgot… That, During your schooling days you hardly had any class room. But shockingly that school is same as it was back in 20 years when you were studying. Please allocate some schemes/funds if you can.


Anyway, coming back to our discussion yeah public speech. We heard you many times talking about corruption. Sometimes I wonder may be you are using some other kind of dictionary that contains the different meaning of corruption. “Manu be Minister toh” That Sirs, the road condition is still the same. During you fathers time it was same and till now it is same. No change at all, to your favour, now we don’t bother much about the road condition. As well as we are tired of approaching you. Even to think about a better road condition makes us feel like puking.
That sirs, the people of Nagaland still expects you to bring a change. Nagaland being a Christian state ‘People’ are ever ready to forgive you and pray for your long life. The soldiers of Nagaland are ever ready to sacrifice for you. Only if you could bring the change that people expected to see for the last 50 years. Are you really willing to work for the people of Nagaland. Why are you showing so much of ignorance and negligence to your own people?
Nothing last forever therefore if this goes on your government is doomed to dead in next election!
Lastly, but not the least, I on behalf of the common people face-book users organisation would like to invite you to grace the newly constructed face book page. Hope to see you soon.


Sincerely Yours
Mere Publicto


Ungratefulness for favor extended


Ghotoli Kiba: An ironic caption is what I have chosen to narrate our Naga History in brief. To start with, the British rewarded our loyalty to side with them in Second World War with abandonment to Indian Imperialism. But we have our own irony within the family too. In the 60’s, the whole Naga area in the Indian side was under Indian army operation hidden from the outside world, so with no place to hide, Phizo and many Naga nationalist hid in the remote Naga village in the Eastern side of Naga inhabited area, which is now in Burma according to boundary demarcated. Again in the 80’s, Naga freedom fighters Issac, Muivah and many others hid again, in the eastern Naga territory, which now happen to be in Burma according to boundary demarcated. But first let me make it clear that Naga inhabited area both in Burma side and India side belongs to Nagas. Nagas whichever side we maybe, we are only divided by boundary created by Burmese and Indian leaders without our consent. The international boundary of India and Burma running through the Angh(King) house in Longwa and many Naga villages territory is a sign of stupidity, an act of Human Rights violation.


My point is, Nagas wherever boundary may have dispersed us, we still are a family. The boundary is made by aliens (foreigners) not us, so let not the boundary separate us. My frustration is when Nagas in Nagaland and Indian side make stupid comments, calling our Naga brethren in Burma side (not by choice they made) as Burma Naga and telling them to mind their own business. Hey, this is stupidity in all its height and sign of ungratefulness, remember we are not Burmese Naga or India Naga, we are Nagas of Nagalim or Nagaland (meaning the whole Naga inhabited area and not just Nagaland state which is under India right now). Please remember the Nagas who are right now in Burma side by men made territory of foreigners, gave shelter, food, comfort and protection to our Naga Freedom fighters from western side (meaning Indian side) when they had no place to hide. So don’t repay betrayal and ungratefulness to your own family who stood with you in the most troubled times of army operation. Family stands together in good and bad times. United we stand, divided we are trampled upon. Don’t allow the enemy doctrine to divide us, as Burma Nagas and Indian Nagas. We are God’s own chosen Nagas. God Bless united Nagas not divided Nagas. Kuknalim!!!