To whom it may Concern?

To whom it may Concern?

H Mosohrü Enah

Well one of the American Missionary Married to a Naga lady who runs a school in one of the states of Northeast, he once told me about how his wife was willing to admit their children in a very reputed and expensive school. But he flatly rejected the idea and told his wife that if their school wasn’t good enough for their Children then it is not good enough for others as well. Now let me ask these questions to the govt. Teachers. How many of you are bold enough to say the same statement and admit your own wards in the school you’ve been assigned to teach? And if the school you are teaching is good enough and you think you are performing your duty well as a teacher then why would you spend extra money and send your wards to private schools? If the schools you’re teaching aren’t going to give Bright Future to your Children then how is it possible that the same school can provide security and bright future to others Children? As much as you’re concerned for the welfare and future of your children don’t you think the parents of those admitted in your schools are also concerned for the same? Please be responsible and committed in performing your duties as you have applied for the same. If not give it to someone who’s willing to do with sincerity and dedication. When you don’t hesitate to withdraw your salary then you shouldn’t be hesitating to work for the same.

Moa Jamir

Besides massive corruption in education department from A-Z, interference from different quarters, unhealthy and unhygienic environment and shambles infrastructures, no cooperation from locality/community and NGOs like church and student bodies etc. if only the Teachers through back or front door are little determined, sincere, dedicated and committed to teach, I believe a positive change in education in Nagaland may seen. No malice

Niboli Kiba

Why is everyone blaming the teacher for poor result in government school… yes there are some teacher who are not sincere but not every teacher. I wonder whether you have been to government school once… see the pathetic infrastructure of the government school. The problem is not with the teachers alone but all the officers of education department our system itself is so corrupted. no parents would like to send their kids to such school where is no facility like the government school .to get good result we need bright n good student but the sad truth is in government school quality student are never there. We cannot transform a coal in to a diamond… so my request to everyone is instead of blaming the teachers why not you guys tell the higher authority to improve infrastructure and provide proper facility in government school to bring out the best in the teachers and the students.

Pangnyei Konyak

I agree with you Niboli Kiba. Teachers are always being targeted for the mess every time the issues turn up. The outlay of the curriculum itself is such that, teachers struggle between the expectation of the government and the attitude of the public in general. I believe that imparting quality education rest in the contribution of all the stakeholders: Policy makers, Officers in charge, Teachers, parents and the students themselves. However, it is very unfortunate to see teachers being convicted for the sorry state of affairs in the educational system. There is no exception that some of us are really hardworking and passionate, but there also is a lot who are enrolled just for fancy. It is very wrong to put everyone in the same basket regardless of the amount of hard work and dedication some of us are putting in. I may sound arrogant but please do not say there aren’t quality students in government schools. Every student is unique in his/her capabilities and it is the role of a teacher to create the interests in students. We cannot expect each and every student to be good mannered, well disciplined and intelligent but there are a lot of them who we can only teach a little in order to create a spark of interest. It is quite unreasonable to say there are students of quality and of not.

Ato Moses

Teachers are like Bull eye in Nagaland. They get hit every time & now from every corner.

Change the Naga system of Education first, from Top to Bottom, Highest to End.

Especially starting from those “Khor Malik” sending their Labour kids to Government schools for Namesake without proper guidance & care but after doing Lots of Home domestic works. Simple quality education starts from here, as most HELPERS are from economic backward background.

Infrastructure is important for promoting quality and good environment to students.

Basic needs are important for student’s cognitive development.

Proper functioning of quality education depends on lack of adequate tools, sufficient text books & note books, infrastructure, better play ground & environment for skills & activities, class room management through proper facility etc etc….

Private schools are far advance in their development & management due to hefty fees.

Loreni Tsopoe

It really pains me when people rise up the issue of a govt. teacher not sending their children to the very school they teach. I don’t blame them for there are many teachers who seldom go to their posting place. I am also a government teacher n like many govt. Teachers I also send my children to private school. Let me share my thoughts with you why I do so. Out of the many reasons let me cite one or two points. Few years back, our maths teacher resigned n there was no replacement for more than a year. Just imagine a school without a maths teacher. I am from arts background but I just couldn’t leave my students like that so I struggled to teach them at least something. Ours is an elementary school. Mind you it’s not an easy task for me teaching class 7 n 8 stds. So I struggled taking maths class in addition to my duty. Second reason. Last year our English teacher took maternity leave. No substitute so for six months students are left like that. Of course we adjust proxy classes but the other teachers are heavily loaded with their own subjects so we cannot do full justice to that particular subject. Another reason. Talk about infrastructure, I leave that to your imagination. In this cut throat competitive world where even one day or for that matter one period is very very precious, I cannot afford to send my children to my school knowing all these shortcomings. In our school we the teachers do our best but there are some things which are beyond our control n we cannot do anything about it. Thus we have no other option but to send our children to private school even if we know that people will critise us.

Paul Tia Stm

Nice write up call to anyone concerned but all government teachers’ are not same. As for me, I am a government teacher serving in a high school and I am proudly teaching my own children in my own School…not because I can’t afford them to send them to some private Schools but I believe in myself. My former students did better than many students from private Schools in the past years and I believe and hope my own children do the same. God bless.

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