Tobacco consumption in Mizoram declines

Newmai News Network

Aizawl | November 26

The overall tobacco consumption in Mizoram has come down from 67.2 % to 58.7 % registering 8.5 per cent decrease, the latest Global Adult Tobacco Survey (GATS) report said.


The Mizoram state also achieved improvement in many other parameters.


As per the GATS 2 released in Guwahati on Friday, Tripura tops in tobacco use in the country with 64.5 % of its population using different types of tobacco products, which means an increase from its earlier record of 55.9 %, while Sikkim achieved rapid progress by registering a decline from 41.6 % to 17.9 % which is less than the national average record.


Tobacco consumption in Assam shows an increasing trend as it registered an increase from 32.7 % to 41.7 %. While Sikkim, Mizoram and Meghalaya achieved remarkable progress in mitigation of tobacco use, Arunachal Pradesh and Manipur achieved no major progress.


According to the survey, 25.1 % of tobacco users in Mizoram used smoke tobacco, while 24.3 % used smokeless tobacco and 9.2 % used both. 54 % of daily cigarette and hand rolled bidi smokers were male (adult) and 14.3 % were female (adult). While 52.4 % of people using smokeless tobacco were male, 21.3 % females used smokeless tobacco.


According to GATS, consumption of smoke tobacco decreased by 5.3 %, while smokeless tobacco decreased by 7.2 %.


The percentage of tobacco consumption among youths in the age group of 15-17 years registered declining trend as it was decreased from 35.4 % (GATS 1) to 27.0 % (GATS 2). Age of initiation of tobacco use was 17.4 to 17.8 years, the survey report also said.


Although there were some progress, Mizoram still registered one of the highest percentages in number of people exposing to second hand smoke. While the percentage of people exposing to ‘second hand smoke in private house’ decreased from 95 % to 84.1 %, percentage of people exposing to ‘second hand smoke’ in public place decreased from 64.6 % to 44.5 %. The percentage of smoking in public place also declined from 27.3 % to 18.2 %.


The monthly expenditure on cigarettes by current manufactured cigarette smoker in Mizoram is Rs 712, while monthly expenditure on bidis by a current bidi smoker is Rs 256.1, the survey said.