Tobu: 2 Contracts, No Bridge

Tobu: 2 Contracts, No Bridge
Abutment walls of the bridge which was supposed to have been completed twice.


CAG says DUDA issued two contracts for one bridge which remains incomplete


Morung Express News
Dimapur | October 2


Following the several cases of unscrupulous projects detected in the Comptroller and Auditor General’s (CAG) report for the year ending March, 2017, comes another case concerning the construction of a bailey bridge in Tobu.


The CAG stated that the Department of Underdeveloped Areas (DUDA) executed work twice for the same work. And despite the issuance of two contracts amounting to a total of Rs 49 lakhs, the work remained incomplete.

The road from Tobu to Auching which was supposed to have been widened twice.

The department in 2013-14 had proposed an amount of Rs 10 crore for construction of bailey bridge over the Yetyong River in Tobu. The work was approved by the Government of India in March, 2014.


The CAG informed that work order was issued by the Executive Engineer, DUDA in May 2014 to M/s Squaredeal Enterprises for Rs 9.46 crore with a stipulation to complete the work within 24 months.


The scope of work as per the work order included construction of bailey bridge, widening of existing 10km road from three metres to six metres from Tobu main road to Auching and construction of 10 hume pipe culverts and five RCC culverts.


Examination of records revealed that the EE, DUDA certified the work as complete and consequently the contractor was paid Rs 9.46 crore in August 2014 in one installment.


Records further revealed that another Rs 42 lakh was sanctioned by the Government of India as per the approved Annual Action Plan of 2015-16 for construction of “Bridge at Yetyong River at Tobu”.


For this, the work order was issued to M/s Trident Enterprises in December 2015 for Rs 39.90 lakh for construction of bridge to be completed within 12 months. The EE, DUDA certified the work as complete in April 2016 and payment of Rs 39.90 lakh was made to the contractor in May 2016.


However, during a joint inspection in June/July 2017, the CAG detected that the work order issued to M/s Trident Enterprises on December 2015 for the construction of “Bridge at Yetyong river at Tobu” was the same bailey bridge for which work order was issued to M/s Squaredeal Enterprises in May 2014.


“The construction of bailey bridge had not been completed despite making full payments to the two contractors for the same work. Work in respect of widening of road from three to six metres was also not done and construction of culverts remained incomplete as of July 2017,” the audit found out.


The CAG also produced photographs from their inspection showing that the bridge for which two separate contracts were awarded remained incomplete as of November 2017.


It recommended that an FIR be filed against the concerned officials and contractors and the matter be handed over to the State Vigilance Commission for further investigation.