Following are some of the major events to have occurred on Apr 04


1949 – The North Atlantic Treaty setting up a mutual defence alliance, NATO, was signed in Washington by the foreign ministers of the 12 participating powers.

1968 – The American civil rights leader Martin Luther King was assassinated in Memphis, Tennessee.

1975 – 155 children died when a U.S. air force transport plane carrying Vietnamese orphans crashed on take-off in Saigon.

2000 – World’s first electronic gun presented to media.

2001 – Philippine Supreme Court files criminal charges against deposed president Joseph Estrada.

2003 – Toronto Raptors’ Lenny Wilkens, already the coach with the most wins in NBA history, also sets record for most losses.

2006 – Women made history in Kuwait by voting and running for office for the first time in a local by-election.

2006 – Fire at historic factory building in Barcelona.

2010 – Three car bombs explode in Baghdad close to Iranian, Egyptian and German embassies.

2013 – The “Fluegelauto” (winged car) returns to the roof of Cologne’s city museum after it was renovated.