Following are some of the major events to have occurred on Apr 25


1915 – Australian and New Zealand troops stormed ashore at Gallipoli, Turkey, in World War One as part of a British-led Allied force. Some 7,000 Australians and 2,000 New Zealanders were killed during the eight-month battle against Turkish forces.

1945 – The U.S. and Soviet armies met in the German city of Torgau as World War Two drew to a close in Europe.

1985 – Britain’s Princess Diana meets Pope John Paul II.

1995 – Ginger Rogers, U.S. star of stage and screen, died at 83. She is best remembered for her film dance routines with Fred Astaire notably in “Flying Down to Rio” and “Top Hat”.

1998 – Christian Mortensen, who emigrated to the United States from his native Denmark in 1903, died. He was believed to be the oldest man in the world at the age of 115.

2001 – Police arrested former Philippine president Joseph Estrada on a charge of plundering the economy.

2002 – Russia said its troops had killed one of the country’s most wanted men, Khattab, an Arab-born Chechen guerrilla leader with suspected links to Osama bin Laden’s al Qaeda network.

2005 – A crowded commuter train derailed and slammed into an apartment building in Japan, killing 107 people in the country’s worst rail accident in more than 40 years.

2007 – Mexico City, the capital of the world’s second-largest Roman Catholic country, legalized abortion. Lawmakers voted 46 to 19 to pass a leftist-sponsored bill allowing women to abort in the first three months of pregnancy, despite heavy pressure from the Church.

2007 – Funeral for former Russian President Boris Yeltsin in the Christ the Saviour Cathedral in Moscow.

2015 – Powerful earthquake hits Nepal, killing hundreds.