Today in History: April 28

Following are some of the major events to have occurred on April 28:

1923 – First-ever Wembley FA Cup Final.

1936 – King Faud I of Egypt died and was succeeded by his son, Farouk I.

1945 – The Italian dictator Benito Mussolini was executed by partisans near Lake Como, one day after being caught.

1994 – The former CIA officer Aldrich Ames and his wife Rosario pleaded guilty to spying for Moscow. He was sentenced to life in prison, his wife to five years.

1996 – Lone gunman Martin Bryant shoots 35 people dead at popular tourist spot Port Arthur in southern Australia.

2001 – The world’s first space tourist, American Dennis Tito, blasted off on a $20-million joy ride to the International Space Station aboard a Russian rocket.

2002 – Alexander Lebed, governor of the Russian province of Krasnoyarsk, died in a helicopter crash. Lebed, a tough-talking general who played a part in foiling the 1991 coup against Mikhail Gorbachev, also ran for president against Boris Yeltsin in 1996.

2002 – Ruth Handler, the inventor of “Barbie,” the doll for little girls that became one of the world’s most popular toys, died aged 85.

2004 – Mosque attack in southern Thailand, in which police and troops shoot dead over 100 gun and machete-wielding Muslim/ separatists.

2013 – Two police officers shot outside Italian prime minister’s office in Rome as Enrico Letta’s new government is sworn in at president’s palace.

2015 – Wimbledon announces record prize money in millions of dollars.