Workers at Kellingley Colliery in North Yorkshire say their goodbyes as the last deep coal mine in the UK ends production today. (Reuters Photo)

Following are some of the major events to have occurred on Dec 18


1903 – The U.S.-Panama treaty placed the Canal Zone under U.S. control for an annual rent.

1916 – The Battle of Verdun in World War One ended after 10 months, leaving 543,000 French and 434,000 German troops dead.

1971 – The American golfer Bobby Jones died. In 1930 he won the “Grand Slam” of all four of golf’s most important championships, the only player to do so in a single year.

1993 – Sam Wanamaker, the American actor and director who campaigned to rebuild Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre on the River Thames in London, died at 74.

2003 – Egon Krenz, East Germany’s last communist leader, was freed from jail after serving almost four years of a six-and-a-half year sentence.

2005 – Forty-three homeless people were trampled to death in a stampede in southern Indian city of Chennai, formerly Madras, during the distribution of flood relief supplies.

2006 – Joseph Barbera, half of the Hanna-Barbera team that made a host of Hollywood cartoons including “Tom and Jerry” and “The Flintstones”, died aged 95.

2007 – A 710-year-old copy of the Magna Carta, a 1215 charter that set limits to the powers of the king of England, was sold for $21.3 million at Sotheby’s.

2008 – A U.N. court sentenced Theoneste Bagosora, a former army colonel, accused of masterminding the slaughter of 800,000 people in Rwanda in 1994 to life in prison.

2011 – Politician, playwright and former president of the Czech Republic, Vaclav Havel dies.

2015 – The last deep coal mine in England, Kellingley Colliery, closes bringing an end to centuries of coal mining in Britain.