North Koreans mourn their deceased leader Kim Jong Il at the Kumsusan Memorial Palace in Pyongyang, on December 27, 2011. (Reuters/KCNA)

Following are some of the major events to have occurred on Dec 28


1923 – Alexandre Gustave Eiffel, the French engineer who built the tower in Paris that bears his name, died aged 91.

1937 – The French composer Maurice Ravel died aged 62; his works included “Bolero”, which won popular fame.

1968 – Israeli commandos bombed Beirut airport, destroying 13 planes, after attacks on Israeli aircraft.

1974 – An earthquake of magnitude 5.5 destroyed villages in the Karakoram mountains in Pakistan, leaving 5,200 dead and more than 16,000 injured.

1993 – The Russian ultra-nationalist leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky was ordered to leave Bulgaria within 24 hours for insulting President Zhelyu Zhelev.

2003 – The conservative businessman Oscar Berger won a presidential election in Guatemala, returning power to the landed elite.

2004 – Ukrainian liberal challenger Viktor Yushchenko won a re-run of a fraudulent presidential election with 52 percent of the vote, defeating Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovich.

2005 – The European Union launched its first Galileo navigation satellite, moving to challenge the United States’ Global Positioning System (GPS).

2008 – Fruit and cream cake in Bucharest sets world record for world’s heaviest cake.

2011 – Funeral procession for late North Korean leader Kim Jong-il.

2014 – Car ferry Norman Atlantic catches fire in waters off Greece.