In today’s present scenario the necessity for Nagaland State government to honestly implement the Inner Line Permit (ILP) is indispensable?

In today’s present scenario the necessity for Nagaland State government  to honestly implement the Inner Line Permit (ILP) is indispensable?

Some of those who voted YES had this to say:
• Yes, but police are not doing their proper duty plus government is not serious about it, which is a serious issue today in our Nagas context.


• Yes. Go to the Dimapur railway station and see why.


• Yes. The NSF was once the torchbearer of the ILP issue. It is time for them to lead from the front once again. Why complain about illegal immigrants if the government cannot implement the ILP?


• Yes, with increasing business activities in Nagaland and with many other development works taking place in the state we see more and more immigrants and migrants coming to work in Nagaland. Just for the sake of development, the government cannot afford to ignore implementing the ILP, infact it should be the opposite. The government should be implementing the Inner Line Permit in a more stringent manner.


• Yes. In black and white to protect our identity. Please enlighten the general on the act. More mass campaign is necessary… We look forward for print media to reach every nook n corner of our state on the said matter.


• Yes. This is a must. The new team of NSF office bearers should take this up earnestly without any delay.


• Yes. If the state government really cares for the welfare of the people, it should take immediate measures to implement the ILP to its maximum effect.


• Yes. Actually in the present situation the government needs to introduce a more stringent law.


• Of course, they must implement it with all sincerity. But they seem to be failing to do their duty. In fact student organizations like ASU and AKM are doing a much better job checking the ILP.


• Yes, the situation necessitates honest implementation of ILP. But which is the best agency to do that? Since there is trust deficit on the law agencies to honestly implement the ILP, some mechanism must be created solely for checking the ILP.


Some of those who voted NO had this to say:
• No. The ILP needs to be reviewed. It is a British law made during the colonial period. There should be another new law made to deal with illegal immigrants and the overflowing of migrants in the protected areas. The ILP act is not enough.


• No. It’s a waste of time and resources because we know that there are too many loopholes. Instead of focusing on the ILP it is better to see that migrant labourers and others are not employed unless they present their ILP status while giving them jobs. I think this will be more effective.


• No. Unless Dimapur is included it makes little or no sense at all.


Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say:
• We need strong ILP system. When God has bless us with a system to safe guard ourself, why can’t we use it to the fullest.


• Very much needed. Its THE tool to protect our land, identity, culture and the people as a whole