‘Together, we can build Naga Nation as a force to be reckoned with’


CPO Day we assemble here today to celebrate the 5th Chakhesang Day and the 37th Chakhesang Public Organization (CPO) General Session here at Chesezu Village.

On this auspicious occasion, let us remember what God has done for us. Human families, groupings and bodies are instituted by God. For instance, the Chakhesang believed that the Chakhesang tribe was created by our elders or pioneers with the inspiration and guidance from God, for a broad based purpose known to us.

Solidarity of born Society

The Lord Jesus as the gate or door (John 15) is a significant analogy of human solidarity and social structures. So in our context CPO is a mandatory gate to a wider world. The need is promotional solidarity and unity (Solidarity of born Society).

Many fold Blessings

Friends, let us remember and recount the many fold blessings to our people from The Almighty God. When we look at our surroundings, we have pleasant climate and God given dew, fertile land, abundant mineral resources and natural beauty. We have beautiful mountains around us, such as Zanubu, Therubophe, Kupamedzu, Kahu Range, Sakrunuzubo etc. and manmade village forest. The sources of many rivers begin from our land. Some important rivers like Sedzu, Lanie, Tizu, Teshuru, Kuwari, Tuphale etc. and the numerous tributaries associated with these rivers are all teaming with fresh water life.

Natural resources

We are also fortunate to have many eatable plants, mushrooms, vegetable, wild fruits, etc. as well as variety of ornamental fishes which can be exported if conserved. Important animals, birds and fishes present in these natural ecosystems, however, will go extinct if we do not preserve it. Many young people today do not realize the importance of the natural resources found in our mountains and rivers & the legends and stories associated with it.

High weaving & Cultivation skill

Our people are highly skilled in making Mürha, Müri, Süpra, Lechü, Chibü and Khi; all these require high weaving techniques. Our youths must be encouraged to acquire such skills as well as Paddy and Cycle of Jhum Cultivation techniques.

Diverse Language/Dialects

We are rich in language/dialects and we should learn to speak all dialects including Chokri, Khezha, Poumai, Sema and Tenyidie in our community. Learning other language/dialects from other community especially Tenyidie should be encouraged as very soon Tenyidie will be used in NPSC Examination.

Historical Living way of Life

Historically, before the advent of modern civilization, we lived freely. Every Village had its own territory and every individual had his own land and boundary clearly assigned.

Struggle for Sovereign freedom

We are Sovereign people, by birth. Even before the Indian Independence we fought with the British in the year 1851 (also known as the Battle of Kikrüma) and forced the British Government to change their policy towards Indigenous Nagas in particular and the North-East in general. Many lives were lost and sacrificed but we stood firm and took a resolute stand in our belief for our cause.

It was during the British rule in our land that, among our people, villagers from Yorüba, with high diplomacy convinced the British government to exempt them from paying house tax. We may be economically, educationally trailing behind others but we’ve always had a firm political conviction, self sufficiency and far sighted vision. During the Indo-Naga conflict, many lives were lost and sacrificed, our houses were burnt to the ground, our livestock destroyed, our women raped, our youths tortured to death. Seeing the situation, the Government of India and the World Community realized our genuine demand and peace was restored through the initiative of Loknath Jaya Prakash Narayan, Rev Michael Scott and B.P. Chaliha. Ceasefire was signed on 6th September, 1964 at Sakraba between Government of India and Federal Government of Nagaland.

Naga Shisha Hoho Peace Covenant

However, the ceasefire did not last long. There was heavy fratricide and killing among our own brothers and sisters all over Naga inhabited areas, instigated by Government of India Agencies. During this period, God’s message came to our people through Chosayi and under the Naga Shisha Hoho, Forum for Reconciliation (FNR) was formed and the Covenant of Reconciliation was signed and peace returned to our land in the later part of 2007 and early part of 2008.

Village Development Board (VDB)

Seeing the economic condition of our people, Village Development Board (VDB) was initiated by the then Honorable Rural Development Minister Vamuzo and the first VDB was established in our district at Kütsapo Village. Not only that, it was during Vamuzo’s Chief Ministership that he introduced Local Area Development Fund where MLA’s were given Rs.75 Lakhs for the development of their respective constituency which was further increased to Rs. 1 Crore (as of now). Later the Planning Commission of India came to Nagaland and adopted a policy and introduced Members of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme (MPLADS) Fund in India. With this every MP receives Rs. 5 Crores every year for their constituency development.

A Christian Nation

Friends, we are grateful to God because 90% of our people have become Christians. And we call ourselves a Christian Nation. I envision that one day the World Christian Community will come forward and establish Gospel Head Quarters in our land.

70’s and 10,000 missionary

One of the most significant resolution adopted by Nagaland Baptist Church Council (NBCC) at Pfütsero in the 70’s was to send 10,000 missionaries across the world which needs to be revisited and encouraged to spread the Gospel to the unreached.

Honoring Spiritual Authority & Leaders

Brothers and Sisters, Ordained Leaders should be dully recognized with honor. For God instituted Spiritual leadership and the Lord Jesus made a clear outline of recognition (Matt 22:21). Honoring the anointed visible leaders is honoring the invisible God, since they are the Ordained Ministers, duly appointed as the leaders of Christian Organizations. They intercede in prayers and contribute towards Spiritual wellbeing, promote peace and harmony, healthy co-existence and advocate consciousness of God’s presence to the world.

Services and nature of the Chakhesang Community

We have made a number of contributions to our Naga people, be it social, economical or cultural and even in our political principles we are rooted like solid rock until our goal is achieved. We have qualities that others appreciate hence we should try to live a dependable and honest life.

I am proud of our officers, who are our ambassadors. Wherever you are posted, assimilate with the people and give your best, so that people will remember you for your exemplary service and good deeds.

Young people, I have a strong believe and hope that our youth will excel with hard work and honesty. Prepare to go all over the world and work but remember your roots.

I have a special message for the young parents; give your best and quality time to your children. We depend on you for building the future of our Nation.

We have achieved great milestones that have changed the face of our Naga Society yet we still have much to learn, grow and contribute.

Together, we can build Naga Nation as a force to be reckoned with.

With these few words I conclude.

So help us God.

(Speech delivered by Thenucho Tunyi on 5th Chakhesang Day, 37th CPO General Session on January 10 2019 at Chesezu Village)