Trauma faced by candidates due to cancellation of govt exam on last notice

Trauma faced by candidates due to cancellation of govt exam on last notice

Pannyim Nahym: My younger sister has travelled all the way from Mon to appear in the Stenographer exam as notified by the NPSC and see the competency of our NPSC to simply cancel the exam just before a day of exam. Is it justified? She has to manage some 18th Century obsolete typewriter and ribbon for the said exam with much difficulty. Besides that, extra burden of travelling all the way from Mon and staying put in Kohima. I am sure there are thousands of candidates like my sister who has to undergo all the trauma because of NPSC. I don’t really understand when will NPSC raise their standards.


Waapen Konyak: Since the Chairman of NPSC is a Konyak himself, of all the people he should have understood the grievances and inconveniences faced by aspirants coming from far flung remote places such as Mon, Tuensang etc.

Kheks Ben: Feel Sorry for all the applicants. I don’t think blaming an individual is right because we all are aware, our system itself is corrupted and it’s going extreme. Suffice to say a new breed of politicians and bureaucrat is the need of the hour….hope and pray it comes to that soon.


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