Tree plantation drive to be held in Pughoboto sub-division on May 5

Pughoboto, May 1 (MExN): Tree plantation under LADP 2016-17 in Pughoboto sub-division will be organised on May 5 starting 6:00 am. The ADC & Vice Chairman, SDPDB Pughoboto, Avelu Ruho has assigned work to all the SDPDB members/officers to oversee the event in all the 24 villages under Pughoboto sub-division.


Officer in-charge has been assigned for every village and they will disperse for the programme after the monthly meeting of the Pughoboto SDPDB on May 4, 2016 at the ADC office at 11:00 am.


The Officers in-charge for different villages are as follows: Vice chairman PATC Viyikhu Q. Wotsa – Pughoboto Town; EAC Ghathashi T. Sulanthung – Ghathashi Town; Coy. Commdt 8th NAP Pholosing – Iphonumi village; DCVO Dr. Meyatoshi Aier – Kitami; SDEO Watisangla – Tukuliqa; HM GHS, Pughoboto – Natsumi; HM GHS Ghathashi Visao Wotsa – Kilomi; MO Dr. Kaito Jakhalu – Asukiqa; SDAO Toivi – Khughutomi; SDO (Soil) Ruokuosietuo – Awohumi; JE (Electrical) Er. Nikato Swu – Shesulimi; CDPO Junito K. Jimomi – Hebolimi; FM Sub-DIC Hojeto K.Suqhu – Ighavito; BDO Khukiye – Kichilimi; JE PHED H. John Assumi – Tsaphimi; JE (Electrical) Ghathashi Y. Vihoto Achumi – Mukalimi; JE (PWD) Vinito – Mishilimi; SDO (PHED) Kenisevi Meyase – Ghokimi; SDO (PWD) G. Vikhepu – Ighanumi; MO Ghathashi Dr.Kaili – Chishilimi; VAS Dr. Tekasangba – Puneboqa; PA to DC Atovi Shohe – Lazami; JE, (RD) Vikuto – Chisholimi; and Head DB Pukhashe – Laza Phuyeqa village. The Forest Ranger, Pughoboto will assist the over all in-charge ADC during the programme.


The organisers have appealed to all the citizens, women, students, youth organisations and churches to participate in the plantation drive.