Should there be tribe-based unions within educational institutions and campuses? Why?

Some of those who voted YES had this to say:
• Yes. Tribe based unions are more organized and are able to maintain check and balance among its members in colleges. Without them there will be chaos.
• Yes but apex body is also a must
• Yes. I feel like Im regularly seeking interesting features you just read about a number of subjects, but I handle to add in the blog among our translates every day when you ccdggeceadda.
• Yes. I see nothing wrong with tribe based organizations so long it is for the common good and welfare of all.


Some of those who voted NO had this to say:
• No, Education institutions should be the place for imparting the concept of ‘unity in diversity’ not tribalist secessionism. The future of any nation or society, particularly of nagas, depends more or less on the nature of ideas and concepts and perceptions feed by young minds. Because the other inevitability of tribal unions and bodies is the evil of “us vs them”. Tribal identity can wait.
• No, it should be absolutely stop. This led to tribalism though we know that nagaland a very small state probably top in tribalism.
• No. Why only educational institutions. There should not be any tribe based organizations or unions in the first place. For Nagas to develop it needs to allow its thinking faculties to develop and this means getting out of the tribal mindset.
• No. No, no need among the tribes. Division never promote unity, instead work without partiality
• No. Why should there be any tribal based union in educational institutions? What is the need? When we already have all the EVILS OF TRIBALISM in our state and sooner or later it is going to destroy us all. In fact all unnecessary unions or tribal unions should be banned in Nagaland and instead broad based organization should be promoted for all, and that it is not biased towards any group of people.
• No, there should not be any tribe based unions within educational institutions and campuses. Education institutions are the seat of learning and this is the place where the ideals of inclusive teaching and learning takes place. I dont understand why there are tribe unions in colleges and universities in the first place. Nagas keep talking and shouting about unity, but their action is very tribal based, which is divisive.
• No because I believe ‘ISM’ come to play
• No! Because unions are prone to become instruments of division. Unions in institutions are the breeding ground for tribalism and racism….even in religious institution!
• No…Besides being disruptive to academics, it promotes communalism, tribalism and cultivates the culture of petty politicking at an early age.
• I remember an incident outside Nagaland where my uncle was asked to preside over a tribal function.He not only refused but reprimanded them saying that this union’s defeated the very purpose for which their parents were sacrificing their best. A definite, NO!
• No it breeds ism and gethoisation. Educational institutes are meant to broaden our view of the world and interact with different communities. Tribal based bodies are an antithesis of this.
• Its better to not have tribal unions within an institution.
• No…. institution is a place where, besides getting formal education, a student grows socially. Tribal based units will curb the growth of an individual as a universal being.
• No. Because it does more harm than good
• No. Our Naga society already has a lot of division and difference with inumerable students’ tribal associations. If Nagas in Nagaland gets so much separatism at institution level, the outcome is severe to breeding competition only between tribal while demanding excessive representation for participation. We are an entity, we have no barrier in communicating with each other and we are not a crowd of too many different people. Lets just be one. Our Naga identity is common and definite. Our tribal identity is just the secondary identity.
• No. Rather they should have clubs like writer’s forum, gardening, drama, dancers, science etc.
• No. The College /Institute Students body should be enough to look into Students related affairs and others. Too many Students body in a single college does not do much of help, in my opinion. It only give you to show tribalism.
• Absolute no. Tribal Unions within the campus only brings division. There are numerous avenues where we can showcase our tribal identity in colleges or universities, if that’s what tribal unions are for.
• No. Let us do away with tribalism and built Nagaland and as a whole and not play one upmanship amongst so ourselves.
• No. Except for cultural shows like telling of folklore, folksongs, young Nagas should come out of the tribe-wised cocoons and cease all kinds of competitions. Can you realize the foolishness playing football on tribal lines? It is time we stopped all tribe wised organisations. If they are from the same constituency they can collectively approach their MLA for assistance in times of genuine need. There MUST be more interaction amongst Naga tribes, not only in schools and colleges, but also in places of worship on Sundays.
• No. the consequences will be TRIBALISM at the end no matter what we say or do to get rid of it that “ism” will always remind!! it is not a good practice in my opinion cause we always think that we are more superior than the other tribe and vice versa.
• No. Tribe based unions within educational institutions are in my view-the main reason for segregation in our society. The assimilation of our young ones at such young ages only makes our society to divide further rather than inculcate “cultural values”. There are various ways to impart “cultural values/cultural unity”. An educational institution should be solely for the purpose of giving and receiving education and not waste time in mindless preconceived organizational activities.
• Absolute no. Tribal Unions within the campus only brings division. There are numerous avenues where we can showcase our tribal identity in colleges or universities, if that’s what tribal unions are for.
• No, I feel It propagates tribalism. Unions should be formed to protect the interests of the students in general.


Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say:
• Nagaland being made up of so many tribes we cannot ignore the tribal identity of each tribe. Each has a unique culture and history to maintain. The youth should be aware of the culture and tradition of his background. If the unions of different tribes are formed with the right perspectives, that based on social and cultural values then this will be healthy for the Nagas. Exchange programmes among different tribes in the campus to learn the rich traditions and also healthy competition among the tribes in educational and social fields with add more colours to the Naga society. It should also be a forum to help each other. But the problems arises when we allow political influence to creep into it.
• As long as we are alive we can never run away from being a tribal person…..our tribe matters. If anything happens to us it is our tribe that will come first and not as Nagas…..we are identified by our tribes first in our hometown and therefore my answer would be yes. It is important to stay connected with our tribes and strengthen our tribes before we associate with other tribes.