Do trigger the untapped things

Z Peter Kvz Yim

Baptist College, Kohima


Doing functioning only of old things constantly and repeatedly which is already known that there is no betterment on it, yet carrying on essentially emphasizing on and on would just disappear in vain for mind is not set for whole common men. Similarly, watching only of Sports TV program have a high chance of making bored. We also need other subscribed channels to boost life in certain manner. There are people who makes living merely to eat and sleep ,focusing on the areas where pleasure and happiness are available.


Looking at the present situation, every grown up person is busy buzzling for the forthcoming General Election, seemingly gearing up and committed lives for the sake of election.


Knowing that we are in 21st century, there had been lot changes took placed and many alterations are processing everywhere. Now smartphone has become the main tool for multiple tasks making life to access easier and simple. But the traditional lifestyle is neither practiced nor seen today, actually, life is so complicated due to over advance technologies. Moreover we are addicted to Money,chasing wherever we get a sight of money.


Just recently, someone posted on WhatsApp blog and he/she held, “Christianity and Hinduism are same and equal” in connection with the election. Is that so then, how can dog and cat be same, exception to politics? Whatsoever, I am not going against any religion in the eye of One living God. Whom are you waiting for the revolution? Waiting for a new leader? No, change is rooted in all ,provided resolution should be pooled and flourished within oneself.


To urge, we rather extinguish a small arson than to fight and suffer with a wild forest fire. Like stated above, people are extraordinarily interested where their desires delivers automatically and working on sacrificially to gain the duplicate -temporary contentment. These are happening because we never live like we will die tomorrow. By twisting the line, “If we live like we will die tomorrow”, there can be nothing to adjourn or halt from excelling the society.


We had seen and still witnessing the bloodsheds, Violence and other kind of Barbaric actions inside the state. Perhaps, money is the root of these evil deeds that human gets fooled . After all, despite of destructive behaviors stirring amongst Nagas, don’t go on hitting own heads on concrete wall because tomorrow we will be under one roof as Nagas . Height of savagery is turning us as shameless creatures. Besides, there are bags of negative points to stretch on. Nevertheless, to stress on some significant elements with positive anticipation for untapped things. Nagaland is ranking of confusion plus dispute like of top number one disputed state of Palestine in the world. We do not need to go higher summoning the United Nations to resolve our State issues. All kinds of problems can be just a piece of cake if we mandate whole section of Naga society to unify and hustle as one. Most crucially, to touch on sensitive-Natural environment, so far people highly neglects the importance of nature. I love our mother earth, so I am pouring out my little knowledge. Sadly, the natural resources are gradually depleting day by day in silent mode. You might be having enough power of money now, but when Natural environment become completely deserted, would you be able to renew the used and expired resources? Would you be in the position to restore the health and rescue lives of human during risk and crisis hours? We all know what would be the consequences of our negligence activities. The good governance and luxury life will not be counted and rated if you look down and dump the beauty of nature. These days the biodiversity is at the peak of extinction. I feel afraid to enter into a jungle zone as poachers traps are hidden and spreaded which can be hazardous to human life too. It is hard to enjoy nature at the fullest. In short, an ignorance on nature will eventually siphon bad effects to all spheres of life. Therefore, we ought to do proper checking on the ecosystem for an existing organisms to make planet Earth securely smooth .


In optimistical view,Nagaland is the state of ism factory, since chaos gets born in every season which let our own people to commit suicide. Apart from such ism, we talked and keep on talking about the enhancement and development of state, whereas, manual action of building the state becomes invincible as ears frequently gets blocked by thick currency notes, going public voices unheard for a longer period of time. Although young people of my age are not very familiar with the history of Nagas, the present story of Nagas are dragging us down and forcing to fall into the dirty gutter.


What not, we still want the state to be exclusively progressive , but then the political system sucks.
Even after having the knowledge about the BJP-RSS (Hindutva) ideologies , our govt seems like alliancing blindly


with the BJP. This is directly welcoming the struggle stone in our land. Of course, making relationship with the current ruling party can assist and bring changes in our area, but in the later stage of life those changes made by the BJP will dominate the whole Nagas undoubtedly. If we don’t suppress this controversy then obviously our future will land on aggression. You are a leader today holding dream for Nagas, however that’s not worth enough at the point of time; it’s high time to start dreaming of becoming the crusader to torch the way for Nagas provided don’t get drunk by the spell of Narendra Modi (BJP). I was overwhelmed after reading the appeal letter of NBCC as it pondered truly.


Again, it would be great if we come together as one willingly during the times of any issue like how we do during election. This is the moment to play new game level, avoid flip-flops politics game and tap favourable – requisite policies wherever whenever it is found cracked and abnormal.