Tripartite Talks: UNC demand roll back of new districts by Dec 8, 2017

Newmai News Network
Imphal | November 10


Accusations from the United Naga Council (UNC) on the State Government of Manipur representatives on Friday prompted the latter to come with a “concrete proposal” on the district creation issue by next round of talks fixed for February 23, 2018. Another notable development from Friday’s tripartite talks on the district creation issue is that, the Manipur Government “will issue advisory to concerned authorities to ease out problems faced by the general public subsequent” after the new districts were created.


Sources said that today’s tripartite talks were marred by charges from the UNC leaders on the Manipur Government representatives as the Naga leaders even threatened to quit the talks altogether. The UNC leaders demanded from the State Government to roll back the new districts before December 8, 2017. It can be noted here that the Ibobi Singh Government declared the creation of seven new districts on December 8, 2016.


The Sources said that today’s talks which began at 12:30 pm at DRDA Conference Hall, Senapati headquarters were marred by the “fury charges” of the UNC leaders on the Manipur Government representatives, questioning as to why the latter took too long to roll back the new districts created a year ago. The UNC team was determined that the Manipur Government rolls back the new districts by December 8, 2017. Following this, the State Government representatives requested the former to give them sometimes so that they could prepare a “concrete proposal” after holding consultation with stakeholders.


The sources also said that the UNC leaders asked the Manipur Government representatives whether they have mistaken the talks for a ‘departmental meeting’. “We told the Manipur Government representatives to understand that this is a political talk”, said the UNC leaders. The UNC leaders also told the Manipur Government representatives not to come to tell their difficulties in the tripartite talks. “We told them that we are not here to listen to their difficulties. If they have no political will then there is no point continuing the talks,” added the UNC leader.