Tripartite talks: UNC expresses anxiety over delay

 Newmai News Network

 Senapati | June 27


The United Naga Council (UNC) has expressed anxiety over the delay in holding the next tripartite talks on the district creation issue. The tripartite talks were supposed to be held last week but things did not happen as expected.


“If the delaying tactics or buying-time tactics are played out by the government then we are not going to take it lightly,” cautioned leaders of the United Naga Council while talking to Newmai News Network tonight. The Naga leaders also expressed their seriousness on the tripartite talks and said that in the event of the “failure or break down” of the talks “we can only see catastrophic situations”.


Meanwhile, the date for the much hyped tripartite talks on the district creation issue will be announced any time from now, according to sources. The venue for the next tripartite talks may not be Senapati, the sources added.


It is worth recalling here that the one month’s time frame to hold tripartite talks on the district creation issue involving the Manipur Government, the United Naga Council (UNC) and the Central Government had lapsed on June 19.


Earlier the UNC leaders had asserted that they were ready to resort to strong forms of agitation again if the issue was not taken seriously by the Government. The UNC leaders had also said that there should be a ‘time frame or time bound’ for the government to resolve the issue.


The UNC had already said it “cannot go on holding the tripartite talks without addressing the issue” and it is “ready and all prepared to defend our lands by any means.”


The UNC leaders further stated that they are closely monitoring the trend, and that, “we will oppose anything that hurts the sentiment of the Naga people.”


On May 19, the representatives of the Manipur Government, the Central Government and the UNC had agreed upon to hold tripartite talks on the district creation issue at the political level within a month’s time.


The UNC also stated that “since the new government of Manipur under the leadership of N Biren Singh and the Narendra Modi government at the Centre had assured us to redress the problems created by the communal Ibobi Singh government we are fervently waiting for the justice.”


In the last tripartite talks held on May 19 in Senapati headquarters involving the United Naga Council (UNC), the Government of India and the State Government of Manipur, it was reaffirmed the “focal point No 1 of agreement arrived at in the tripartite talks on March 19, 2017” which states that “the grievances of the United Naga Council which led to the imposition of the economic blockade by them was recognized as there was non-adherence to the four Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) and the Government of India’s assurance on the matter. The Government of Manipur agrees to start consultation with all stakeholders to redress the same”.