Tripura to turn into business hub devoid of crimes: Biplab Deb

Agartala, December 16 (PTI): TripuraChief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb on Sunday said his government would maintainzero tolerance against crimes and strive hard to develop the state into a”business hub”.

Addressingthe inaugural session of a conference of the state BJP’s Law and Legal AffairsDepartment here, Deb said “true development” could be achieved onlyafter containing crimes.

“Wewould transform Tripura into a business hub and a crime-free state,” thechief minister asserted.

Referring toplaces like Dubai, Singapore and Hong Kong, Deb said the rate of crime therewas considerably “low” and that he wanted to develop Tripura in asimilar direction.

“InDubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, crime rate is very low. If anyone goes to Dubai,he doesn’t have to think about any theft. Taxi drivers of Singapore make suretourists don’t face any trouble. They understand that trouble for a tourist isa loss for their nation and his homestead,” Deb said.

The CM alsoobserved that youngsters who travel abroad for higher studies often do not comeback as the state lagged behind in terms of development.

“Childrenfrom Tripura go to other states, even abroad for studies. But they don’t wantto come back here because the former dispensation failed to develop the statein last 25 years,” Deb said.

The stategovernment was in the process of drafting a policy so that students do not haveto move outside Tripura for education or jobs, he maintained.

“In thenext three years, we shall transform Udaipur, Agartala and Dharmanagar intomodern cities. All facilities of big cities like Pune, Bangalore will beavailable there. After that, no child from Tripura will have to go outside thestate,” he added.

Udaipur is the district headquarters of Gomati district and Dharmanagar of North Tripura district.