Fingerprint – team at their production house located at Duncan Basti, Dimapur.


“I cannot be the best, but I can always be better”


Morung Express News
Dimapur | April 22


Best known for their bright and daring designs, FingerprintDesign and Event is now becoming one of the most sought after when it comes to the printing trade in the state.


It was never easy to run the show but with determination and lot of hard work, Fingerprint now has their own story of overcoming adversities to achieve their dreams of entrepreneurial success.


Today the head of Fingerprint, Hongba Phom shares his story of how he became “a real entrepreneur and employs real people who provide real products and services to real customers.” He is the person responsible for bringing home a range of printing machines for digital printing, flex banner, vinyl stickers, photo frame, t-shirt printing and glow board at just one stop.


Hongba Phom, Head of Fringprint Design and Event.

The eye-opener

In a not so new set of computer, given by one of his elder brothers, Hongba sat with two other friends in his room and produced their first product- copies of a local church youth service programme.


That moment changed everything. After wasting some good number of years in alcohol intoxication, this emerging entrepreneur found a new direction in his life.


He saw the benefit of printing. Anything to do with printing has an event, and an event always has to do with planning, management, organising and printing. This revelation resulted in the establishment of Fingerprint in 2015. Their first official project was the Phom Monyu festival at Dimapur.


Since then, they have successfully handled event managements for colleges, churches, conference, product launch and many more.


“Fingerprint cannot be confined to printing. We are willing to go out of the office and explore creativity. We will continue to create creative space,” cites Hongba who now leads a team of ten employees in his main office located at Duncan Basti, Dimapur. Very soon, Fingerprint will be expanding its branch office at Longleng, Mokokchung and Mon.



The inspiration and promotion

“I love creativity. Everything I see around me inspires my creativity and it translates into my business. Watching a signage with some unique design can inspire me to create a better concept with better machine and thus expand my business,” shares Hongba while describing “8:00 am to 9:30 am as the Creative Hour.”


He adds that the company did not have any particular mission from the beginning. “All that I had in my mind was to design the best I could.” Looking back and even now, Hongba confesses that he was too occupied in improving his creativity that he completely lost track of monetary gain.


“Our foremost objective is to be the best in our business and create some of the best designs and use varieties of printing machine and media to provide services to the customer in best possible way. Once you are the best in your business, monetary gain will automatically follow you,” he opined.


Sharing on his method of marketing the company, Hongba says, “Nagaland is a closely netted society and so the best advertisement out here is word of mouth, nothing beats that. Definitely advertisement in local dallies is a big bonus since they have the advantage of wide coverage, but we are also loving the new trend of paid advertisement in Facebook which creates lot of hype for our business.” According to him, they “usually don’t use WhatsApp for promotion as its more nuisance than promotion.”



Giving back to Community

One trait that sets Fingerprint apart from many others is the noble idea of “giving back to community.” It is one of the reasons why, though a very new company, Fingerprint is now a renowned brand.


Fingerprint is actively taking forward several social awareness campaigns like the road campaign to construct the deteriorating road along Dhobinala-Signal-Thahekhu stretch in 2015; adoption of animal in Nagaland Zoological Park initiated by Fingerprint and Castle group (Kohima) in 2015 with the collaboration of Department of Environment, Forest and Climate Change. Around 50 animals were adopted; Supporting ‘A Better Dimapur’ project under the initiative of Dimapur Municipal Council; Spearheading the awareness campaign for “conservation of wildlife and environment” in collaboration with the department of Environment, Forest and Climate Change in 2016. Around 100 educational institutes were covered in Dimapur, Mon, Peren and Longleng districts with Tali Angh as the star campaigner.



Passion drives

“Definitely God” is the loud testimonial, as Hongba enlightens about the one greatest attribution for his success. “I lost both my parents while I was still a student and till 2013 I was an alcoholic, with hardly any penny in my pocket to survive. My family members and friends have always supported me without any objection in pursuit for my dream,” he said while acknowledging them for his accomplishments.


“The one thing that keeps me going is passion to do better… I cannot be the best, but I can always be better. You can stay on top only through hardwork,” states Hongba.



Defining true entrepreneurship

Nothing about success comes without its share of ups and downs and in his journey of building businesses, pursuing ideas, chasing dreams, Hongba says that determining the “quality in employees” is very important.


“It is central because you can teach skills and acquaintance but you cannot enforce sincerity and hardwork. And those are the two most important feature I value in my boys,” shares Hongba.


“Nothing in the world beats hardwork. You may be very brilliant and have all the qualities to be a true entrepreneur and it is easier to climb the ladder with such qualities but to continuously stay on the top, you need hardwork. I believe in these words – pray hard, work hard and leave the rest to God,” he quotes in an unwavering note.