TRUE LIFELINE OF THE CITY: Glimpses of Weekly Market Day at the Dimapur Super Market

TRUE LIFELINE OF THE CITY: Glimpses of Weekly Market Day  at the Dimapur Super Market
Most consumer throng the market not just for the fresh products but the assorted delicacies sold in the market. From dry fish to local fish, from crustacean to avian meats, from beehives (domestic and wild) to silkworms, all sorts of eclectic gastronomical delights are offered ‘on a platter.’ (Morung Photo)


Morung Express Feature

Dimapur | September 19


Every city, town or village has a fixed Market Day; the Wednesday Bazaar at Dimapur’s Super Market is no exception. Bustling with vibrant blending of assorted communities and products, here it is possible to purchase almost everything, for every different need and flavor – from exotic food products to fresh vegetables, from clothes and household products to diverse gastronomical delights. The Morung Express brings some snapshots from the Wednesday Bazaar.

It is not just varieties of vegetarian and non-vegetarian fare, but another attraction is the assorted ready-to-eat fast-food made from grains and others sold in the market. Seen in the collage are ‘korma,’ steam-rice cake, and assorted grains on sale. A group of ‘Akhuni’ vendors are also seen eating their lunch while waiting for customers. (Morung Photo)


Fresh, dry and fermented vegetables of all varieties adorn the market – From wild to shiitake mushroom, from wild garlic to freshest harvest from the farm, from Naga’s favorite ‘Raja Mirchi’ (King’s Chilly) to assorted bamboo products. (Morung Photo)


Apart from food products, the market is also a great destination for purchasing tools, clothes and household implements- from ‘Daos’ to brooms, from ‘secondhand’ attires to hand-woven baskets. (Morung Photo)