Tsüngremmong at Longsa: Celebrating sanctity of tradition

Tsüngremmong at Longsa: Celebrating sanctity of tradition



Morung Express News
Longsa | August 2


Cultural vibrancy and the spirit of the premier pre-harvest festival of the Ao community – Tsüngremmong – came alive today as the Longsa Village Council under the patronage of the Tourism Department organized a mammoth ‘Tsüngremmong 2017’ with Secretary to the GON Tourism and P&AR, Angau I Thou (IAS) as the chief guest and Addl. Director, Vety & AH, Dr. N Rongsen Longkumer as the guest of honour.


Tsüngremmong, which has its origin at Longsa village in the days of the yore, is being celebrated with much reverence since from time immemorial. However, since from the year 2006, after the Nagaland Government recognized Longsa as a ‘tourist village’, the Tsüngremmong festival has been celebrated with much pomp and gaiety under the strong patronage of the Tourism Department. During the past one decade, the Tsüngremmong festival at Longsa has become better and bigger and it has now become a main tourist attraction.


The chief guest, Secretary to GON, Angau I Thou (IAS), while speaking at the programme, highly praised the cleanliness, beauty and discipline of Longsa villagers. While talking about the tourism sector, its drawbacks due to lack of adequate funding; the bureaucrat informed that the tourism department, nonetheless, is initiating works through and seeking funds through the NEC (North East Council). However, she strongly urged the Longsa village to continue to be partner with the tourism department so that Longsa village can become a hotspot for tourists.


While highlighting the importance of the Naga culture and tradition, Angau I. Thou asserted that traditions represent a critical piece of our culture which helps to form the structure and foundation of our families and our society.


“Once we ignore the meaning of our traditions, we are in danger of damaging of our identity,” said Angau. She lamented that Naga cultures are being rapidly influenced by other popular cultures ultimately resulting in dilution of the uniqueness of the same due to the impact of globalization, proliferation of media and improved communication process.


In this regard, she cautioned the Naga people not to take their values for granted least ‘our beliefs will get so diluted, and that our way of life would become foreign to us’.


“If we disregard our values, we will open our eyes one day and won’t be able to recognize our world anymore,” said the bureaucrat. Therefore, she called upon the congregation to keep alive the essence of Tsüngremmong. And just like the festival is celebrated for the sanctification of the self and society for obtaining blessings from God, she urged for the continued invocation of God’s blessings and trust in Him just like our forefathers have shown us.


A variety of cultural dances, songs and activities were presented by different clubs and age-groups of Longsa village during the programme where the chief guest and the guest of honor also partook, much to the enjoyment of the audience. A host of officials from the Tourism Department, Mokokchung district administration, village councils from neighboring villages, tourists and others attended today’s programme.