‘Tuk Tuk meter’ app to calculate auto fares launched

Kochi, January 12 (PTI): Kerala-based based MindHelix Technologies, today launched ‘Tuk Tuk meter’, claimed to be India’s first GPS based multi-platform Auto fare calculator that runs through smart phones. The application can be started on getting into the autorickshaw and the meter in the phone will run alongside the meter in the rickshaw. It can also double-check the distance travelled as shown in the auto’s meter and the GPS distance calculated by the application, Thomas Antony, Chief Technology Officer, said
According to Christian Emmanuel George, Co-founder and CEO of MindHelix Technologies, the application enables the commuter to calculate the distance travelled using GPS and calculate the fare due. The application runs on smart phones with Android, Blackberry or Symbian operating systems without any need for calculating manual distance or fare entry, he told reporters. It also does not require internet connection or the service provider, due to which it can function even in remote areas, George said. The application has a Start/Stop button and can be customised for any location by entering the fare details in the settings page.
The auto fare calculator would bring relief to commuters who in many cases are fleeced by autorickshaw drivers. The company was formed last month by an engineer and two engineering students. MindHelix focuses on Mobile application development and has a section for the development of internet applications and desktop software.