Tura residents question wastage of water

Newmai News Network

TURA | May 14

Residents of the town of Tura have been confounded with a huge problem of water waste, mainly through the huge number of water pipes that leak and have not been repaired.

Water woes in the town of Tura are a normal issue and so is the waste of water, with many pipes even within the Deputy Commissioner’s compound leaking and none taking any interest in ensuring the waste is stopped.

“The amount of water that is wasted, we are sure, could take care of water problems for more than 1000 families. This waste is criminal and so is the non repair of these pipes,” said one AM Marak from Dakopgre.

Water is supplied to the town of Tura in West Garo Hills (WGH) district through the PHE as well as the Garo Hills Autonomous District Council (GHADC) with the infrastructure being maintained by the PHE.

Residents have also stated that a huge number of the pipes across the town are not only old but prehistoric.

“Some of the pipes are more than 30-40 years old and are now brown and rusted. These the main supply pipes that have not been changed. Most of these old pipes are the ones that leak and need to be immediately changed,” added one Dardy GC Marak.

Another resident added that the situation could be gauged from the fact that water leaks are found within the DC’s compound, not in one place but in multiple locations.

“The Tura Bazaar area is also a huge problem due to haphazard pipes that are run over by cars. This has created a major complication. The situation can be made better through better planning,” added another SR Sangma.

“Water is a precious resource and this kind of waste is not only criminal but a slap on those that have to line up for water. We are already in the middle of a water crisis which will only increase in the days to come due to catchment areas being eaten up. Can we really afford this kind of waste of such an essential resource? We seriously cannot waste water,” added Sangma.

The water leaks are not limited to one area alone but all around the town and have turned an eye sore for most.