Turning difficulties into responsibilities: Phek Town colonies to adopt medical wards

Turning difficulties into responsibilities: Phek Town colonies to adopt medical wards
Doctors and Phek Town Youth Society teams while visiting the adopted medical wards.


Phek, September 13 (MExN): The Phek Town Youth Society (PTYS) and the District Hospital Welfare Committee Phek held a co-ordination meeting on September 13, where difficulties and cognitive factors confronted by the Department in various channels were discussed.


Consequently, the PTYS and District Hospital Welfare Committee jointly consented that the 11 colonies of Phek Town will adopt each medical wards and the colonies will take responsibilities in managing, cleaning up and embellishing of their own adopted medical ward, PTYS, Press Secretary, Kedupa Venuh stated in a press release.


The adopted medical wards by the colonies are Bethany-I colony adopted Casualties ward, Bethany –II colony adopted Female Medical ward, Hebron-I colony adopted Male medical ward, Hebron-II colony adopted Female Surgical ward, Zion colony adopted Cabin-4, Bible Hill colony adopted OPD room, Mission Compound colony adopted Male Surgical ward, New Colony adopted Gynaecology ward, Bethel Colony adopted Cabin-1, Jerico-I colony adopted Cabin- 3, Jerico-II colony adopted Cabin- 2, and PTYS office bearers adopted Pediatric ward.


During the meeting, Dr. Wetshelo Specialist Pediatrician and Dr. Rongsen Specialist Pathologist, Dr. Kevisevolie GDMO shared their views of how to expand hospital amenities to help the poor and needy in Town and neighboring villages who comes from far flung areas for treatment.


Meanwhile, Neizote Venuh, PTYS President expressed gratitude to the District Hospital Welfare Committee Phek for their untiring task though there had been many hurdles in ground level and stated to assist in any possible conduct.


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