TYO notify on restrictions and banned activities

Kohima, October 12 (MExN): The Tsieramia Youth Organization (TYO) held a meeting on October 6 and reviewed the issues pertaining to its “traditional jurisdiction” specifically on banned activities.


The house resolved to notify the following for public awareness and adherence thereon:
Rash driving on the New Secretariat Road: It is observed that Government Official vehicles and private vehicles are in a habit of driving at ‘over speed’ on the New Secretariat Road for picnicking after office hour. It is therefore resolved that, the registration numbers of such vehicles shall be noted and the concerned vehicle owners shall be summoned through news papers to report to the Tsieramia Youth Organization office w.e.f. the publication of this notice.


Ban on hunting and collecting jungle fowls: Ban on hunting, collecting of jungle fowls and burning of jungles within the traditional jurisdiction of Tsieramia Khel still stands, and any person(s) indulged in these banned activities shall be dealt severely as per the standing laws and rules.


Picnicking & breaking of bottles at Phezoucha (Secretariat Area): Regular picnicking and breaking of bottles has become nuisance at the Secretariat area, therefore timely checking shall be carried out and appropriate action shall be initiated against any defaulter.


Shop timings and checking of immoral activities: The Tsieramia Youth Organization has further resolved to strictly enforce all the shop owners not to open their shop after 8:00 pm and also not to sell any banned items in its area. Any person(s) indulged in immoral activities, drunkenness or creating nuisance in anyway shall be severely dealt with. It is therefore notified to all concerned to strictly abstain from such banned activities. Henceforth, the Tsieramia Youth shall initiate timely routine checking in its jurisdiction and defaulter shall be dealt severely.


Hoardings & Signboards along New Secretariat Road: The Tsieramia Youth Organization further deliberates on the standing Hoardings and Signboards at New Secretariat road. It is found that, many hoarding owner firms/Department/Individuals have put up their boards without the consent of the Tsieramia community. The owners of all such standing Hoardings and Signboards are therefore requested to get it registered failing which, the standing hoardings and their structures shall be liable for removal by the Organization itself and any complaint thereafter shall not be entertained at any cost.


Waste Management: All the residents within the Tsieramia area are assigned to clean their surroundings and also requested to manage their waste properly and load it whenever the dustbin vehicles comes.


TYO, President, Neirükuolie Yhome and General Secretary, Vitshu Vizo therefore request all concerned to take note of the above and adhere to the restrictions and bans with immediate effect.