UNDP appreciates Naga Day

N. Hotongse Sangtam
United Naga Democratic Party, Nagaland.

The United Naga Democratic Party would like to convey its appreciation to the FNR (Forum of Naga Reconciliation) for the recently held Naga Day on 10th January ’18 at Kohima, affirming to uphold the Naga Hills Memorandum submitted to the Simon Commission on January 10, 1929.


During the years 1832- 1889 AD, Naga’s were under the British rule. But with the coming of American missionaries in 1885 AD, at a time when Naga’s were living the life of a savage and uncivilized living, conceiving Christianity at Mulong village and delivering it at Impur under Mokokchung district, we Naga’s were delivered with the love of Christ. The missionaries also brought education and unity. Unity because history says that the NEFA (ENPO) areas where the missionaries could not penetrate, were nurtured by the Ao’s. And since the past 200 years or more, this is the first time that such a day has been observed and it just goes to prove that a lot of positive changes have come about in the Naga society. Taking into account that we as a Christian state, we Naga’s dress, speak and follow most of the American style of conduct. We still don’t have a common language besides English and Nagamese, to call our own.The moment when on the Naga Day, where Dr. Wati Aier Ao said “Naga manu sop eki loko prathana kuribo” (Let us Naga’s all pray together) is applauded.


It was during the time when some Naga’s were under Assam and Manipur that the British’s separated out the NEFA (ENPO) but after the American missionaries came and introduced education (besides Christianity) at Impur and other villages in the year 1919 by opening schools till class VI, the people of NEFA (ENPO) were also able to get education through that and for which the ENPO are also really appreciative till date.


Post Independence interim government, the Indian government has provided Nagaland with all amenities even though denied a separate parliament. It has given us special powers of non-taxation, village councils, DB etc. but we Naga’s being of different race as compared to the mainland Indians have always been the warring kind, yet inspite of this the Indian government has always given top priority to the state.


The Father of the Nation, Gandhiji, who did not know even how to fire a gun believed in non-violence and gave us that freedom which we are still living in today. in the same way, Nehru during his tenure although expressed his love and concern for the Naga’s did not promise a sovereign state to the Naga’s. During the prime ministership of Vaipayee, we have also seen that he has provided Nagaland a package of above 1000 crore for the development of the state. Even presently, PM Modi is also at works in regard to the Naga political issues and by what we are seeing today, we hope that the solution for the Indo-Naga problem is not very far off, and because of which, we hardly see any bloodshed in our society today.


Therefore, UNDP believes that when all Naga tribes and communities come together to organize such a day as Naga day; will give a good impression to expedite our demand for an earlier solution. And if and when our prayers are answered, we also further pray that the fate which fell upon Dr. Imkongliba Ao who struggled for our land, but was denied his life by some negative elements, will not befall among anyone.


Many Naga freedom fighters have given their life for the cause and we see today that the truly dedicated ones are few. It is because of their tireless endeavor that we have reached this juncture today. All the political parties registered under the Election Commission of India also play a part in this fight but the civil societies and the freedom fighters have a much larger role to play for the future generation of the Naga’s.


Luckily or unluckily, if the 2018 state election is not deferred, the state functioning will still continue as per the directive of the EC. But, it is up to the civil societies who have the voting rights as to what is to come.


The UNDP may just be a minority party but as a registered party, we are concerned for our state, our people and we believe in development for the people and not for selling out our land for the love of money, which the central government is providing for the development of the state. We strive to work for the upliftment of the land and to move forward.


God Bless us All!