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Unemployment Crisis Today

Keduovilie Linyü


All of us know the result of unemployment whereby the youth indulge in unprecedented instances. Every youth believe that his problem can be solved by the well established government. When it fails, his intellect and natural instinctive inclinations are away from humanity. All of us know the nature and the weakness of the State in which democracy would have to find its place. There has been no seriousness to generate employment and exploring job while the unemployment crisis has reached the saturation level in the State.

With 17% of literacy we attained the Statehood in 1963, produced tremendous success in education and now stands at 79.55% out of 19,78,502 population (Census 2011). There has been more than 75,000 educated unemployed youth and 1,25,000 government employees in the State. This figure tells us that years are taking us somewhere and nowhere without exploring and generation of employment opportunities. In the subsequent year, one lakh more youth who may have passed from college or who become drop-out either, are the age of 20-30 years. These worrying problems have only added to the grim prospects for the future, and surely land the state into a very dangerous situation. Now, massive poverty and unemployment still remain untreatable problem.

Students are the men of the moment, the past has no lasting lesson for them nor does the future have any effects on their lives since we have been strained and dismayed for lack of job-oriented planning in the state. The UNESCO says that an economic miracle will take place because they do not look into records of employment exchanges to see the number of unemployed amongst the literates. Education was intended not so much to impart as to socialize the young into acquiring norms which would not bring them into conflict with others. The only implications involves in the development are wealth-producing commodities and services with no ethical consideration. Casinos in Kathmandu, peep-shows in New York, massage parlor in Paris, stashing of drugs trafficking in Swiss Bank, manufacture and trade of porno films and the like are as much part of development as establishing health centres or educational institutions. The style of life lived by teachers, this emphasis on morality, prepared the students for a socially useful life. Likewise, a politician may use the unemployed youth as a tool in his hand to further his political ends.

Our social and intellectual glitterati complaint day and out day in about the public morality. It’s no secret that many take far too many years to complete their study if at all they do not drop-out along the way. Nagas are generously popular not for their academic activities, but for “good times” they are able to provide as long as they have money-what leads to eye brows been raised. At any given place, Naga students’ organization in some cities have come out openly against some of their members and directed as warning to others within their jurisdiction. Every year the number of students from the state, at all levels, is on the increase, one is left to feel whether seeking an education is status symbol , or could it be that those in college prefer to be away from the control of parents and on their own. Care should be taken least more harm is done to the image of the community.

The education, about which our planners talk with pride , was by a quirk of our social life become a mock imitation of English public schools lacking in all its values system and  becoming a massive workshops which produces drop-outs, drug addicts, juvenile criminals, and at best sales representatives and the tea estate managers. Education means making a person into an acceptable social being. The modern age is of indiscipline in so far even the father finds it difficult to control his child. Problem of indiscipline is a serious nature when unemployment causes economic insecurity for the future that the Naga youth have, and the frustration caused there-to. Since in the absence of economic development the Naga finds themselves paralyzed when they are to hang about at the employment exchanges like workshop places, they have a natural tendency to breakout in revolt.


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