United Naga Council to defend Naga position

Newmai News Network

Senapati | July 21


The United Naga Council (UNC) in an ‘emergency presidential council meeting’ on Friday resolved to take up “appropriate steps” any time from now to defend the position of the Naga people. The UNC said that the ‘emergency’ meeting was called following the comment of Manipur Chief Minister, N Biren Singh who had reportedly told a national daily newspaper that “extreme steps will be taken if Naga deal hurts Manipur’s interest”.


The UNC informed Newmai News Network today that it will initiate a strong form of agitation any day to defend the inherent rights of the Naga people. “Therefore, we alert the Naga people to be ready for any eventuality,” the Naga body added.


According to the UNC, the meeting has strongly condemned the comment of Manipur Chief Minister Biren Singh.


“Under any circumstances we have not compromised our inherent rights in the past. In future, too, we will never compromise our inherent rights come what may,” the UNC asserted.


The ‘emergency’ meeting of the UNC then resolved to draw the attention of the Government of India to translate its commitment on the Naga political issue into action. “The Prime Minister has been giving commitment to resolve the Naga political issue at the earliest. Our yesterday’s meeting took decision to remind the Prime Minister in this regard,” stated the UNC.


The emergency meeting of the UNC then resolved to remind the Naga people to abstain from any programme of the Manipur Government in the seven new districts. The UNC also asked the Naga people not to give even indirect co-operation to the Government in this connection.