Rev. L. Suohie Mhasi


Inclusiveness of all of the Nagas in the settlement is possible only in unity of all the Nagas and unity of the Nagas is possible only without discrimination of any of the Nagas.


In the Naga National Movement for Naga Nationhood, all of the Nagas did not spontaneously rise up together at the same time but gradually momentum was gained and at last all came together only. Some tribes were the first, some tribes came later and some were the last to join the movement but at last all of the Naga tribes joined the movement together and whether earlier or later or latest all became one fold accepting one another and all tribes took part in NNC and FGN without discrimination.


When the first talk took place between the Gol and the FGN, the Nagas were in unity and solidarity. NNC/FGN was all in all in the National Movement. After the failure of the talk, the National workers were divided and formed factional Governments and fratricidal conflict took place. Among the different groups, the NSCN(I-M) was considered as the strongest Group and the GoI had agreed to have ceasefire agreement with NSCN(I-M), and ceasefire agreement was signed in 1997 and political talk was started which has been in process for a settlement up to now.


To speak the truth, under God and by His grace the NSCN (I-M) has earned the status of the highest level talk which is to be appreciated by the Nagas. The general public and the National workers cannot deny it. But the fact that the ongoing political talk being led by a Group does not satisfy the people, so much has been said about inclusiveness of all of the NPGs and the Naga people. If possible, it is the best for all, because it is a safety for the leading Group and for all of the people. Whatever settlement is made, all are responsible and no one will be blamed even if any problem arises out of the settlement.


In view of this, my suggestion to the NSCN (I-M) and other NPGs and all of the Naga public is that in spite of the existence of the different NPGs, the name of each organization is not used and only “Naga” is used in the talk. It is to be no longer “GoI and NSCN (I-M)” but “GoI and Nagas” led by Th Muivah. Even delegates from any other Groups such as NNC/FGN, NSCN(R), NSCN (K) or NSCN (Khehoi camp) may not use the name of the organization but “Naga delegate” only may be used.


If this is accepted, the talk is for all and it belongs to all of the people and all of the Nagas have sense of belonging. Then the leaders or delegates are accepted as the leaders of the solid people. “Enlarge the place of your tent, stretch your tent curtains wide, do not hold back” (Is.54:2). It is better to accept the better.”