Unlike other NE states that stand up to the Centre, Nagaland govt is unable to take a firm stand due of over-dependence on Delhi? Why?

Unlike other NE states that stand up to the Centre, Nagaland govt is unable to take a firm stand due of over-dependence on Delhi? Why?

Some of those who voted YES had this to say:

• Yes the state government is guilty of being complacent and being over-dependent on Delhi. Every time our ministers and bureaucrats keep going there with a begging bowl. How can they question the hand that feeds them?

• Yes, our Nagaland state government has no political power and no will to speak out for the people. Till today our state government has kept quiet on the beef issue and even on the sale of cattle. This is a shame and an embarrassment. At one time the state government was a force to reckon with in the northeast region, but today it has become a laughing stock.

• Yes. Because our leaders are corrupt and failing to use the funds judiciously

• Yes. No one wanted to give tax to Govt. but paying tax to NPGs, which is not for public development

• Yes.. If our government against them we might get less monetary help from the centre government.

• Because beggars can’t be choosers

• Yes, because these parasite keep on begging and just cant stop filling their hungry stomach and do little for the people and show it on paper as if we are living on paradise!!

• Yes. The ruling class is like dogs wagging their tails in front of centre. They spend days in delhi trying to meet minister through middlemen for more funds. I dont think they discuss issues which effects our social and tradition due to central govt. policies. Take the present example of beef politics. Not even a whimper from Naga political class. Other states have taken a stand even to the extent of resigning from Party. We have already shown that we are puppet under the hands of centre. Already they know that Nagas do anything not to give up the luxuries and high life that they are accustomed to from the freebies we are getting from centre


Some of those who voted NO had this to say:


• I would like to say No because when it comes to the political issue, I think our state politicians have made the Naga position quite clear to the Indian government.

• No, because of the political issue the state government has often taken a spectator’s role when it come to the center.


Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say:


• Our languid political leaders are oblivious of issues. Their aim in life is to join politics, if they win they will usurp the resources and wealth of the people, become some deacon or something in the Church towards their end of life. In any case, they are sycophants. They cannot utter any kind of dissent against the centre, if at all they identify issues. 100% dependence and also in the mean time, their report card is miserable.

• Haha when we are not a producing state and have nothing substantial to contribute our bargaining chip with Delhi is Nil. So what do you expect?

• They have alliance with BJP so they are chained. Moreover elections are coming so its time to steal and they dont want centre to pour lesser funds. Present Govt will not respect Clean Election Campaign next year

• Unlike other Northeast state, we are not independent, self-sufficient, self-reliant and no taxes to our govt that is why circulation of economy in our state is nil. Plenty rich mineral resources are available in our state but, we don’t utilize that. Citing an example: even naga farmers purchase rice, wheat or vegetables within half year because they are not self-sufficient. The nagas should change their mindset and start paying taxes to the govt so that atleast we can stand by our own by generating 20-30% of our state budget. It not, for how long we are going to depend only on Delhi. Until and unless we generate money to our state budget our state govt will always be a mere puppet.