The Untold Mother’s Love

Rev. Fr. G. L. Khing

The fifth commandment says, “Thou shall not kill.” To kill is easier than to save life. Every day, we have a choice to live or die. We all choose to live because there is joy in living than to be inside the coffin underneath without any breath. The respect for the sacredness of life is the message of the God to all human beings. Life must be respected and honoured at all cost. Life belongs to God, not men.


The scientific world has provided everything to men except God. One such providence of Science is the ability to abort unborn babies. The fetus can be cut into pieces like a piece of cake for fun. To avoid social shame, young girls undergo abortion with utmost secrecy. The fear of parents, the shame and guilt among the circle of friends push them inside the closed doors of abortion. The past joy has turned into present sorrow. Abortion is not only doing away with the unborn child, but it is a desecration of one’s life before God. To do away with one’s own blood and flesh is a way of killing oneself. The guilt of killing is not easily removed. It haunts the person from sun rise till sunset. The joy of the mother becomes the death of a child.


Today, many young boys and girls give into each other not knowing the future road. The path that leads to real life in God is never counted. There are many students who go to study in towns and cities in search of better tomorrow. Instead of getting degree and acquiring masters, many go back pregnant (a real degree/master). In most cases, the boys easily escape the scene leaving the girls behind to suffer alone emotionally and psychologically till the end of their life.


The world is filled with potholes. The potholes are seen not only on the road but also in one’s personal life. The many spiritual holes in one’s life do not allow Christian values to remain in the person. It escapes through different holes. Abortion has become a sociological factor affecting the individual’s life. Those who have undergone abortion may not conceive again due to physiological and psychological factors. There are many Naga boys and girls who instead of building up their life destroy themselves with false love. Their love is beyond measure, because they do not know how to measure it in term of life.


Many Christian medical doctors also involve in the act of abortion. They do the act on week days and pray to God on Sunday to preserve their life and bless them with good and long life. This is a funny prayer. God will burst into laughter at such prayers. The medical doctors and those who assist in the act are equally culpable of the crime. Even in extreme cases, abortion is never advised. Life is to be preserved at all cost. Every life is equally important and precious in front of God. As we try to preserve our life, we must also learn to preserve others life. Likewise, the unborn child has every right to live in the womb of the mother and be born into the world to enjoy the beauty of the world like the mother herself. The denial of right to the unborn child does not mean mothers right. “In everything do to others as you would have them do to you.” (Mt. 7:12)


The love of a boy and girl on Valentine’s Day (14th February), will bear fruit on Children’s Day (14th November). Yet, many young people are too immature to be parents. That is why the society is filled with immature people born of immature parents. We blame the system of Government, the Church and other social institutions for all the wrong doings, yet we have not recognized the fact of giving birth to a child as immature parents. Who is to be blamed? A young person who is not fit to be parent will only give birth to an unfitting child (a tree is known by its fruit and vice-versa). The child will not fit himself/herself in the world. He/she can be a nuisance more than a simple sense. A young girl who looks like student of class 8 or 9 will surprise you with four or five children. This is the face of our society. The root cause is to be blamed and must be rectified with proper knowledge of parenthood and family life. This will solve many of the existing problems in the Naga society. Our society can be heading for its own doom because of immature parents.


No women who have committed the act of killing (abortion) must be allowed to join public rally against killing of innocent people. There are women who staged protest against killing and rape. They are quick to respond to such rallies to avoid their personal stigmata. But among them are people who have secretly killed the sacred fetus inside their own womb. Their womb, the life-giving crib has turned out to be a grave. Who gives right to Christian mother to kill randomly without any shame and guilt? Such mothers will be answerable to God.


How many Naga women have stained their hands with innocent blood? Yet they go around with the biggest placard, ‘Do not kill,’ ‘We want Peace,’ etc… Such rallies give them the favorable time to make themselves innocent before the public. Yet their innocence is their crime. Silent killing is equally grievous as an open killing. In both the case, life is snapped without any mercy. We are Christians not because we know how to kill each other but because we are bought by the precious blood of Jesus. Christian life is counted not only in good times, but more in times of temptations, trials, turmoil and pain.


Every medical doctor and pregnant mother must be cautious enough not to fall into sin of killing unborn babies. The grace of God is enough to withstand any temptation and disaster. May we all learn to respect life in the image and likeness of God (Gen. 1:27)


With Respect to Life