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‘Unwritten history- a people’s story unveiled’


(From left to right) Surendran Purushotham, Dayalan Devanesan, Dr Easterine Kire and Wapangtoshi during the third Dr Chandran Devanesan Endowment Lecture at Madras Christian College, Chennai on December 4. 


Dr Easterine Kire delivers third Dr Chandran Devanesan Endowment Lecture


Dimapur, December 5 (MExN): Dr Easterine Kire, award winning Naga poet and author delivered the third Dr Chandran Devanesan Endowment Lecture on December 4 at Madras Christian College, Chennai organised by the Department of History. Dr Easterine spoke on ‘unwritten history- a people’s story unveiled.’

While delivering the lecture Dr Easterine narrated some of the unwritten history of the British and Japanese soldiers during the World War II in Nagaland. She shared about how an Indian Air Force officer experienced the hospitality of the Naga freedom fighters when his fighter jet was shot down in the Naga hill. 

However, she lamented the stereotyping of the Nagas in bad light by various outsiders over the years. She encouraged the people to visit Northeast India without fear to enjoy the great hospitality of the people in the region. Dr Easterine concluded the lecture with a Naga folk song.

A press release stated that hundreds of students and teachers attended the programme. Prof Dr Surendran Purushotham, Head of Department of History, Dr Dayalan Devanesan, son of Dr Chandran Devanesan and Pastor Wapangtoshi, NCF Chennai who is the President of the North East India Welfare Association Chennai were present on the occasion. The lecture was moderated by Marilyn Gracey Augustine.

Dr Devanesan was the first Indian Principal of the Madras Christian College (MCC). The MCC is an arts and sciences college based in Chennai. Consistently ranked among the top ten colleges in India, it is considered to be one of the most prestigious colleges in India. Founded in 1837, MCC is one of Asia’s oldest extant colleges. Dr Chandran Devanesan was also the first Vice Chancellor of the North East Hill University, Shillong.


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