Uphold virtues of our ancestors: SC Jamir to students

Uphold virtues of our ancestors: SC Jamir to students
Dr. SC Jamir with Vice Chancellor NU, Prof. Pradeshi Lal, president NUSU K Chumseli Anar and his colleagues.


Lumami, May 16 (MExN): Dr. SC Jamir, former Governor of various Indian states and former chief minister of Nagaland, has encouraged students to exhibit and uphold the virtues of “our” ancestors, who practised honesty, truthfulness, bravery, uprightness and righteousness, in order to stand firm against the “malice” of modern cultures.


He was addressing students of Nagaland University (NU) Lumami HQ during the XIXth Varsity and Cultural Meet organised by Nagaland University Students’ Union (NUSU) at I Ihoshe Kinimi Hall on the theme ‘Amelioration of Culture Heritage.’


Jamir explained the concept of culture and its all embracing nature, saying that there is not a single culture that is permanent or pure rather it is a mixture of different aspects, stated a press release. He then went on to say that if Naga culture should stand out from other Indian culture, it should become uniquely distinct from the rest.


He appealed to all the younger generation to widen their horizon and move forward, for which, they should inculcate the spirit of will to become a great nation.


When the young people realise that the future belongs to them, that will be the turning point in their life where their sense of responsibility and duty towards the country begins to take shape, he added, according to the release.


Jamir encouraged the youths to have the spirit of dedication, commitment and sincerity to do something for the society and country.


An interaction with Jamir on Naga political issue was also held after the programme.