Urban Local Bodies’ elections imbroglio

Phek Town Council candidates forfeit candidature

Phek: Eight candidates for the Phek Town Council elections have decided to forfeit their candidature with effect from January 26. This was done in response to the appeal made by leaders of Chakhesang Baptist Church Council (CBCC) with whom the candidates had a meeting on January 26 at Chakhesang Baptist Church Dimapur. The candidates are: Nesücho Keyho (Ward No. 2, Zion Colony), Salie Khesoh (Ward No. 8, Jericho-1 Colony), Vezhopra Thingo (Ward No. 5, Bethel Colony), Avi Movi (Ward No. 7. Bethany-II Colony), Viketou Nienu (Ward No. 10, Hebron-I Colony), Veduhülü Nakro (Ward No. 3, Mission Compound), Wetsole Rhakho (Ward No. 1, Bible Hill Colony), Neiwekhwe-ü Khüsoh (Ward No. 9, Jericho-II Colony).


BJP candidates of EDTC wait for
other party candidates to forfeit first

Dimapur): In line with the resolution taken by the BJP candidates for DMC polls, the three BJP candidates for East Dimapur Town Council (EDTC) have also resolved to respect the views and calls of their respective tribal bodies to withdraw/forfeit their candidatures. “However, we will forfeit our candidatures only if the other political party candidates first forfeit their candidatures,” stated the three BJP candidates Aoenla Ao (Ward No. 9), Columbus Lotha (Ward No. 5), and Phushito Sumi (Ward No. 10).


CNTC issues directives

Dimapur: The Central Nagaland Tribes Council (CNTC) has informed all GBs/Chairmen and councils of different colonies and wards to immediately stop candidates of any political party from canvassing or any other electioneering activities in their respective jurisdiction. In a directive issued by its Media Cell, CNTC further asked all candidates of ULB polls to stop harboring youths from outside their localities for electioneering purposes, displaying their party flags or ferrying of youths in vehicles around the towns and localities. The Council also directed all the public to co-operate and present physically for volunteering during the enforcement of the statewide bandh called by the JCC.


It maintained that the State government under TR Zeliang and NPF President Shurhozelie together with their legislators and JACWR has “brought to a point which has now almost become a war-like situation across the state.” The CNTC further accused the JACWR of being “hand in glove for this entire imbroglio with some women taking the whole name of the Naga women and mothers…when mothers and women need to play a vital role of mediators at this crucial juncture.”


‘Stand united against any act detrimental to the interest of Nagas’

Kohima: The Angami Public Organisation (APO) has lamented that the Government of Nagaland has turned deaf ears to the appeals of the APO and other tribal hohos to have further consultations with the people and amend the Nagaland Municipal Act before holding elections to the Urban Local Bodies. Therefore, APO has appealed to the Naga people to “stand united against any act detrimental to the interest of the Nagas that is being imposed on its citizens by the Government of Nagaland.” A press release from Vilhusa Seleyi, President and Keviselie Lhousa, General Secretary of APO further reiterated that the only way to bring about peace and understanding is to give time and space for dialogue and discussion to redress the grievances of the people.


ENPO appeals to avoid conflict and confrontation

Tuensang: Against the backdrop of the debate on ULB elections vis-à-vis Article 371(A), the Eastern Nagaland Peoples’ Organisation (ENPO) has stated that the said Article “is the functional foundation and a conditional political instrument of the state of Nagaland which is an outstanding and an extraordinary political monument in the constitution of the country.”


A press release from Media Cell, ENPO added, “It is a hallmark of Indian democracy and secularism which our founding fore-fathers laid as a historical and pre-requisite foundation for the generation of today before the birth of the state of Nagaland, and where, some of our founding fathers of this political instrument have made extreme sacrifices, for which we are within the comforts of the state of Nagaland through the spirit of Article 371(A).”


Meanwhile, the ENPO once again notified to all intending candidates to gracefully retire in the interest of peace and tranquility within ENPO jurisdiction and further appealed to the State government for an “indefinite postponement” of ULB elections till “a congenial environment is arrived at through mutual understanding and settlement on the issue in public interest and democracy.”


It also appealed to the State government, the candidates and public at large to show restraint and avoid conflict and confrontation, as the situation appears to be tense and could possibly lead to violence and conflict.



USLP endorses support to ENPO

The United Sangtam Likhum Pümji (USLP) has endorsed its support to the January 14 resolution of ENPO and resolved to oppose the ULBs elections within Sangtam jurisdiction. The decision was made during the emergency meeting of USLP Executive Committee on January 24 in Kiphire. According to a release from Vikheto Sangtam, Chairman and Lichumse, Secretary of USLP, the meeting further resolved that ENPO is expected to stand firm and oppose as resolved. “However, for any reason, if the election is allowed to be conducted within the ENPO jurisdiction, and out of this if any issue/s arises within the Tribal units the ENPO shall bear the sole responsible for the same,” it added. ENPO in a meeting with its six federating units on January 14 decided to oppose the ULBs elections within its jurisdiction and directed its units to abstain from participating in the polls.


NPF Tseminyu division refutes Rengma Hoho’s statement

Tseminyu: The NPF Tseminyu division has refuted the Rengma Hoho president’s statement published on January 24 about Rengma Hoho boycotting civic polls. A release from Ahino Tep, President, NPF Tseminyu division said the meeting the Rengma Hoho president referred to in the statement was called without any official circular letter nor published in local dailies for information of Executive Members of Rengma Hoho or any frontal oraganisations. “The so-called Consultative Meeting was convened through mobiles to some people within a short time of less than 12 hours before the meeting,” the division alleged. “As such majority of Executive Members (of Rengma Hoho) were absent and even those who were present majority of range representatives were in favour of Tseminyu Town ULB Election as per the Government Notification.”


The release further mentioned that Rengma Hoho along with all frontal organizations held a consultative meeting on January 14, 2017 at Rengma Hoho office, Tseminyu Town, in which majority of Executive Members and range representatives were present and resolutions were passed. One of them was that Rengma people will go for the Municipal/Town Council Election if other Naga tribes take part in the election. “In order to go along with NBCC and CRBC slogan for clean election, the house mutually agreed to maintain the modalities for strict compliance of (a) to have common platform speech for all intending candidates, (b) to strictly maintain one man one vote, (c) to widely announced in all Churches in Rengma area and (d) to have similar for free election,” it added.


In light of the January 14 consultative meeting resolutions, the NPF Tseminyu declared that the statement of Rengma Hoho president “is irresponsible and not acceptable as when such major decision which will affect all Rengma people for generations to come cannot be taken in such a hurry with motives.”


Meanwhile, it informed all intending NPF candidates and supporters that the party will contest the ULB elections for Tseminyu Town Council.


JACWR condemns forced withdrawals of women candidates

Kohima: The Joint Action Committee on Women Reservation (JACWR) on January 26 deliberated on the reports of threats, coercion, forced withdrawals of women candidates from different towns as candidates for ULB polls and condemned such “undemocratic” actions. In its marathon meeting held with all its tribe constituent units and apex women organisations at Hotel Japfü here, the house also discussed at length the various appeals put forward to the JACWR and resolved that if the State Government is able to give a written assurance for conduct of municipal polls as per the Interim order, the Special Leave Petition would be withdrawn in the interest of peace in the society before the elections, informed a press release from Abeiu Meru, Convenor and Dr. Rosemary Dzuvichu, Co-Convenor of JACWR. Meanwhile, the large delegation of women leaders called on the Chief Minister at his residential office and submitted a memorandum after the meeting, the release added.


NPF hopes good sense will prevail to
enable harmonious conduct of ULB polls

Kohima: Naga People’s Front (NPF) has stated that the party had selected its candidates to contest the municipal and town council elections with positive intention for multidimensional uplift of the state and citizens. “Accordingly, the party’s vibrant candidates, having filed their nominations on oath, are waiting for the appointed day for the elections,” said a press release from Media & Press Bureau, NPF.


Given the constitutional opportunity to contest and get elected, the release said, “these promising NPF candidates are all set to work full swing, affecting developmental progress in their respective areas and deliver the goods in a befitting manner, upholding the party’s principles and ideology.”


“NPF respects the sentiments of the people. NPF is also the only political front that has taken upon the task of strengthening the pillars of democracy in our society. It is important to realize that inordinate amount of time and energy has been squandered ever since the tenure of the first Municipal and Town Council elections held in 2004,” it added.


Meanwhile, it expressed surprise that certain individuals or section of political party already in the ULB polls fray as full fledged party candidates are harping that they would only forfeit their candidatures only after other political parties including NPF do first. “This is malicious, lacks discipline and an outright exposure of their very attitude that, their candidatures are bereft of vision and without an iota of agenda to benefit the masses through their participation,” NPF stated.


The party further hoped that good sense will prevail among all stakeholders to arrive at an amicable settlement so as to enable harmonious conduct of the slated ULB polls.



NPF Mon to go ahead with ULB polls

NPF Mon division today reaffirmed to go ahead with the ULB polls scheduled for February 1. A press release from L. Yanlong Konyak, President and Wango Konyak, General Secretary (Admn) of NPF Mon division informed that no NPF candidate who had filed nomination papers to contest the elections has withdrawn so far under Mon division. The division noted that it is committed to the DAN government’s decision and lauded the intending candidates. It also sought public cooperation and contribution towards peaceful conduct of the elections for the benefit of the masses.


Sumi village GBs informed

Dimapur: All Sumi village GBs under Western Sumi jurisdiction have been urged to recall their youths staying at residences of ULB elections’ candidates or attached with candidates. “If any untoward incident happens owing to non-adherence of recalling the youths, then appropriate action would be initiated action the youths and their respective villages,” stated a press release from Akihito Sumi, President, Western Sumi Youth Front. Meanwhile, all nine areas under Western Sumi jurisdiction were asked to mobilize and depute manpower of 1500 each for the JCC bandh. All Sumi public in Western Sumi area were also requested to support and cooperate with the JCC bandh. The release was issued as resolved during a joint meeting of Western Sumi Hoho, Western Sumi Kukami Hoho, Western Sumi Youth Front and Western Sumi Sports Association on January 26, 2017.