Value Your Right, Voice And Vote!


Eyiekhrote Vero

Pfutsero Town


Looking at the present political crisis of the state, there are lots of chaos and confusion. People under the state are suffering from political confusion due to lack of clarity with regard to the governmental processes. There has been a lot of debate in social media in regard to all these problems. However, how about the reality?


We talk of corrupted leaders, corrupted ministers, etc. We talk of how undeveloped the state is in comparison to other states. But looking at all these debates and discussions, the question arises as to whom to blame. We blame the leaders for being corrupted and being incapable of serving the people. But when it comes to reality, no one dares to talk about them. No one really voice out the rights we have against them.


We have democratic government where we elect our representatives, so to blame the so called ‘corrupted leaders’; we got to blame ourselves for being elected them to the legislature. We say we didn’t vote for them to be corrupted. But when it comes to reality, we vote for them not on the basis of their capability, but on the basis of how much money we get from them. Don’t you??


We talk about how corrupted the leaders and undeveloped the state is, but when the election comes we forget that they are corrupted and instead we negotiate to vote for them as if they are innocent.


‘Can you buy something somebody refuses to sell?’ How valuable is our vote to sell? They buy our votes only because we sell. They can’t buy if we refuse to sell. We talk of not to do that, but because of our selfishness, we do so. How good it would be if self-sacrifice replaces selfishness.


We have the selfish leaders because of the selfish voters. We have the corrupted leaders because of our own corruption. There would be no corrupted leaders if people elect representatives’ based on their capability and commitment for the common people and not on the basis of money.


Now, we have seen enough of it. We have heard enough of it. It is the time to wake up and do the reality. Talking and discussing is not enough, we have got to get up from our dream and put it into reality, the dream of Change and the dream of making Nagaland a state for Christ. We cannot depend on others anymore, they have done enough. We have our own votes, we have our voice and we have our rights. Let the spirit of unity and faithfulness lives in us.



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