Vin Diesel travelled the World to assemble Multicultural cast

Vin Diesel travelled the World to assemble Multicultural cast

Vin Diesel is back as Xander Cage, in the first xXx movie in 12 years, XXX: Return of Xander Cage. But joining Diesel this time around are a multicultural cast of actors, carefully chosen from all around the world, to give the film a truly international feel. Casting a multicultural group of actors is something Diesel initially started doing on the Fast and Furious franchise, but for xXx he truly travelled the globe to assemble his dream team.


“I had been incorporating this multicultural tone to the Fast and Furious franchise to great success and I wanted to push it even further on xXx,” the actor said. “To the point where I wanted to go, not just to all the multicultural actors who lived in California, but I wanted to go into entirely separate film markets. Entirely different regions and celebrate their heroes and their actors.”


Among the film’s cast are Hong Kong action hero Donnie Yen, Indian actress Deepika Padukone, Chinese star Kris Wu and Thai martial artist Tony Jaa. There’s also Australians Ruby Rose and Toni Collette, Rory McCann from Scotland and English UFC fighter Michael Bisping.


“We really travelled around the whole world that was really very exciting and I knew we were on to something,” Diesel added. “I knew we were on to something special when we looked to the world to cast this movie and didn’t just stay to the confines of Tinseltown.” XXX: Return of Xander Cage is set for worldwide release on January 20th 2017.


Source: Contact Music